My Weekend In Numbers


60:  Tulle pieces cut. This was to make the girls matching tutu skirts for their Valentine’s Day presents. This number will continue to grow over the next couple of days because they are no where near finished!


15: Brownies eaten. No joke. Although they were pretty small in my defense, and made of beans! How could I deny this chewy center and crusty top?


11: Self portraits attempted.  They were of mine and Alyssa’s movie date. And I still didn’t get a good one with all those attempts. I was not too photogenic that day!




3: Batches of brownies made. I made 3 batches of black bean brownies, trying to figure out the perfect recipe. I ate 4 from batch #1 before deciding they weren’t worth it and tossed them out. They were moist but crumbly and dry, weird. Batch #2 was pretty good and I ate 3. I put the rest in the freezer. Batch #3 were amazing! Therefore 8 were enjoyed! Recipe to come later this week! It comes with about 5 variations too…Coconut brownies, mocha brownies, peanut butter brownies, almond brownies, and just good ole chocolate chocolate chip.


2: Times I ate this dessert. Cookies and Cream froyo with pretzels was consumed Friday and Saturday night after the kids went to sleep. Sunday was when the amazing batch #3 of brownies were made so there was no room for ice cream.


2: Number of dinners made. Saturday was my off day with frozen veggie burgers, frozen peas, and crackers for dinner. It was a loooong day and I needed a cooking break. But the two I made Friday and Sunday were great if I do say so myself!

Taco salad with homemade baked corn chips, greens, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 lb ground turkey with homemade seasoning, sharp cheddar, corn, and plain greek yogurt. I don’t think I will ever buy tortilla chips again, these were sooo good and simple!


Sausage, kale, and sweet potato soup. Another quick and simple dinner that turned out great. This is just 2 cut up chicken sausages, 1 bunch of torn kale, 1 large cut up peeled sweet potato, 2 cups broth, and 1 tsp Italian seasoning. Cooked over medium heat for 30 minutes, let sit for 10. Done! I finally found a new way to eat kale besides kale chips!


1: Workout. I started the weekend out Friday afternoon with a good workout. It looked like this.

100 jumping jacks

90 crunches (I did 50 full sit ups before I switched to crunches!)

80 squats

70 second front plank, twisting to each side

60 jumping jacks

50 crunches

40 squats

30 seconds side plank, one each side

20 bicycle crunches

10 pushups

9+8 chair dips

7+6 jump squats

5+4 pushups

3 minutes stretching

2 mile run

1 nursing session. Yep, well that was supposed to be a 1 mile cool down but when I was 1.5 miles into my run Cassidy woke up screaming wanting to be fed. I finished out my 2 miles then had to nurse her dripping sweat. We both needed a bath after that workout! Gross, I know. That is when it would be convenient if she would take a bottle. Nope, all about the boob.

1: New to me sandwich. I put sliced apple on my turkey and sharp cheddar sandwich. I have seen apples on sandwiches pop up on blogs and thought I’d try it. Honestly, I’d rather just have my turkey and cheese with the apple on the side. Still good though.


Uncountable: Number of times my heart melted, These dimples melt my heart a million times a day.  And that fluffy hair doesn’t hurt either!


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  1. Bean brownies rock! I make some I call “Mexican Bean Brownies” with a little kick to them. Can’t wait to see your rendition!

    P.S. the sweaty nursing story literally made me laugh out loud. :)

  2. How good are pretzels on ice cream?? I love the sweet and salty flavors together (a la salted caramel). I think more mainstread ice cream places should get their game together and offer pretzels as toppings :P !

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