Single Serving Cookie Recipe


On nights when Dave isn’t home because he’s flying a night flight or on watch, I still like to have a little late night treat. I try not to bake big batches of dessert on those nights because I will be sitting here, bored, by myself, mindlessly eating them watching tv. So my solution is to just make a couple cookies. And using this recipe, you will only have a small cereal bowl and a tablespoon to throw in the dishwasher. No mixing bowls, beaters, etc to hand wash!


3 Peanut butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies:

1 TB peanut butter or light butter

1 TB brown sugar

1 TB almond milk

splash vanilla

4 TB oats

2 TB Uncle Sams original cereal or other crunchy granola

1 TB whole wheat flour

1 TB mini chocolate chips

Get out your tablespoon and cereal bowl. Heat peanut butter or butter in cereal bowl for 15 second until soft. Add brown sugar, vanilla, and almond milk. If you are using peanut butter, don’t pack the TB of brown sugar since peanut butter gives it a little sweetness. If you are using butter, pack the TB full. Add oats, cereal, and flour. Add chocolate chips.


Scoop onto ungreased cookie sheet making 3 cookies. Bake at 350F for 10-12 minutes.


YUM…can you see that crunch? If for some reason you don’t want the nice crunch the cereal gives, just add 2 more tablespoons of oats instead. But I highly recommend it. Not sure the cereal would stay crunchy if you made these and saved some for the next day though. But seriously, who can’t eat 3 cookies in one night?


I make these a lot since the military likes to keep my husband late quite often. At least I have delicious crunchy cookies to keep me company! I guess its no secret how I spent my Thursday night… Cookies, American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy…pure laziness! And no, I did not share my cookies with Alyssa. I made them after she went to bed just so I didn’t have to share. But she will never know Smile

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  1. Yum! I am loving your recipes lately- especially since they are so healthy! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea to just make a few cookies! Even with the best intentions, I always end up eating way more batter and cookies than I should. :) I do the same thing with treats- wait til L is in bed!

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