A Semi-Homemade Ice Cream Weekend


We had a pretty stellar weekend over here. It included lots of homemade ice cream, how could it not have been great?

We made strawberry ice cream on Saturday night. I have to admit though, it was semi homemade. I used the ice cream maker but it was an ice cream mix. I used this same mix last summer and loved it and just found it out on the shelves again this last week. You just add the milk and pour into the ice cream maker. I like this because I can control the kind of milk I use and experiment with add ins!

Saturday night was strawberry ice cream with freshly chopped strawberries, made with organic whole milk. I added dark chocolate chips after I snapped the picture.


Alyssa picked strawberry because it was pink of course!


Yes, my child is eating ice cream without her clothes on. it’s a lot easier to wipe ice cream off her stomach than clean it out of her clothes. Laziness or thinking ahead? Both I guess.

Sunday was my last kickball tournament of the Spring season. We played 2 games, each which lasted 1 hour. I am already sore! I have decided it must be the explosive sprinting and halting. Throwing that big ball makes my shoulders sore as well. But its SO much fun! The kids all play together in the grass while we play kickball.


Alyssa and this little 4 year old boy were bug collecting the entire time. He would find a bug and put it in a container Alyssa wore around her neck. Then she would write about it in her notepad. It was so cute. I love that my little girl plays dress up and loves pink ice cream but can still get down and dirty and collect bugs with the boys. However, she collected 1 bug too many. When she was getting into the bath I asked her what was on her thigh. She tried to pull it off but couldn’t. Yes, it was a tick, ew! On the middle of her thigh. I thought they were usually in dark crevices. This was my first tick experience. I got some tweezers really quick, pinched as close to her skin as I could so I didn’t break off the head, and pulled it out. It was pretty tough to pull out, it had a good grip. I flushed it down the toilet, checked the rest of her and Cassidy over, and gave them baths. I of course ran to google afterwards to check to see what I should do next. It said use tweezers, flush down toilet, wash area well, and check rest of child. Check! Now I just need to keep an eye on the area and make sure she doesn’t get weirdly ill the next couple weeks.

After we were all bug free, we made some more ice cream of course! The chocolate definitely beat out the strawberry. well it was actually rocky road. Again, it was from a mix. But I used the mix, added more cocoa powder to make it more chocolatey and less sweet, added marshmallows and pecans. I used half organic skim milk and half unsweetened plain almond milk. I was afraid it would be icy instead of creamy but it was amazing! We ate the entire batch the night it was made though so I don’t know how well it would have froze. Not a problem in this house! Who actually eats a 1/2 cup of ice cream? 12 servings in a container from the store? Yeah, not in our house. Dave and I will finish off a half gallon in 2 nights. So it gives us more like 4 servings (maybe 5 since Alyssa gets 1/4-1/2 cup servings). But that’s the other plus about the mix, I only made half of it, so we only had a small amount to eat fresh that night!


I for see my ice cream maker getting some wear this summer. Nothing better than homemade ice cream in the summer!

Do you go for ice cream more than cookies or cake in the hot summer weather? I have found myself craving ice cream lately hardcore!

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  1. Homemade ice cream, yum! We were given an ice cream maker and have yet to use it… time to break it out! And we do the same thing with messy foods– take the kiddo’s shirt off. The belly is much easier to clean! :)

  2. Icky- ticks! Nice job getting it off Alyssa successfully and what a sweet photo of her! It’s such a good time of year for ice cream!

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