Happy Memorial Day


I don’t have a Memorial Day side dish or red, white, and blue fruit pie recipe today…

Memorial Day seems to be all about the beach, BBQ’s, and parties. Thats mostly what it meant to me 10 years ago as well. I knew what the day stood for and respected that, but it was a time to hang out with family and friends foremost. Today, it has a much different meaning. It is truly about remembering those people who have died protecting our country and everything that is stands for. I don’t understand people who are anti-military. I understand not agreeing with being at war, I don’t even really know where I stand on that. But how can you not at least support and respect those people who are in the military? Doesn’t everyone understand that if we didnt have people who volunteered to put their own life on the line that we would be forced to use a draft and they themselves may be forced to serve in the military?

Marine Corps Ball 2008

My husband is Marine Corps Pilot. I may not necessarily agree with every war or deployment, but I support him 100%. He has a hard job and works incredibly long hours. Do you know that if he got paid by the hour he would make only a couple dollars an hour? When he is deployed he works 16 hour days 7 days a week. getting an 8 hour block of time for sleeping and eating.  When he is home, he often doesnt work much less.

Homecoming after Dave’s first deployment

Being a military family is HARD. There is no denying that. I am often acting as a single parent and it breaks my heart when Alyssa asks when she will see her Daddy again. Over the last 2 1/2 years he has been deployed for almost an entire year of that and has been away for weeks at a time for training exercises a total of about 4 months. But he has always came home, and thats what matters. There are other families who are not so lucky. I can not imagine what those families must feel. I got a small glimpse into that feeling during a deployment once. We thought Dave had been killed or injured in action and I had to sit by my door for 12 hours just waiting for someone to knock on my door and inform me that my life just got flipped upside down. And while Dave was ok luckily, it was bittersweet because that meant it turned out to be friends of ours instead who got that dreaded knock on the door and calls to inform of injuries.

Marine Corps Ball 2011

So remember when you are eating your hamburgers with your loved ones on Memorial Day that there are so many families out there who are separated, either temporailily or forever, who give us all these luxuries. And it is just that, a luxury. I no longer take being together for birthdays, christmas, and holidays for granted because we often are not able. I pray often for our neighbors, friends, and Dave’s former classmates who have died. And while I may not agree with every political decision that affects what the military does, I will always support and respect everyone who has served.

If you get the chance, buy the marine or soldier’s coffee who is behind you in line at Starbucks or their meal at the table next to you. Trust me they will appreciate it more than you know!

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us. I decided to participate in the Runner’s World Run Streak this summer to honor all of our service people–military, firefighters, police force, etc. because of the sacrifices they make for us. I like to keep the reminder of their sacrifices fresh in my thoughts because I so appreciate what they do for us on a daily basis!! I hope you have a great Memorial Day. I’m about to make your Mexican pasta salad!!

  2. I didn’t realize your husband was gone as much as he has been. I am amazed by military wives- what a tough supportive role you have to play! I appreciate your words- I am not a supporter of war, but I agree with you that whatever our stance on war, we need to support and honor our military and their service. Enjoy the holiday!

  3. This was a fantastic blog post and I can’t thank you and your husband enough for the sacrifices made for our country- I am linking to your post on my blog once I get today’s post up. I completely agree with you regarding supporting the military. Not sure if you are a fan of the movie A Few Good Men but I love Jack Nicholson’s quote (even though he’s the bad guy) about how most people don’t seem to appreciate all that goes into protecting the US…

    • thank you so much! And yes, I love that movie. It was one of 3 (literally) VHS movies that werent disney we owned growing up and my older brother watched it a couple times a week! I can quote that ENTIRE movie!

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  5. I have no words for this post— only a whole lot of gratitude and respect for your husband, you, and your entire family.
    The sacrifice that is given is more than I can comprehend— the words ‘thank you’ can’t even touch the true thankfulness in my heart…. I can only give prayers and my gratitude.

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