6 Months Ago: A Birth Story


6 Months ago today I was in the hospital snuggling all 6 lbs 14 oz of my brand new baby daughter, Cassidy Blaire.

A couple hours old in Mimi's arms

Because of my gestational diabetes I was scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks. I know, I know most people are very against induction. But for the last 5 weeks I had been going to 4 doctor’s appointments a week and they thought she might be IUGR (intrauterine growth restricted). I just wanted her out safe in my arms as soon as possible. And I had already been induced with my first daughter because I was overdue, so I was familiar with it.

38 weeks

Back up to the day before…(skip this paragraph if you don’t want the tmi details!)

My doctor stripped my membranes at my appointment monday morning at 1030 am. She said there was a 50% chance it would put me into labor and I should know within 12 hours, probably less time for me since I was already 4 cm dilated and effaced. I had braxton hicks all day, some were crampy, but nothing different than the last couple weeks. My mom was already in town to watch Alyssa for the induction and we all went out to dinner, target, and ritas (my last time having to restrain from ice cream because of the diabetes!). By the time we got home, the braxton hicks stopped. Oh well, at least I knew I had the induction the next morning. We went to bed at 1030.

39 weeks, day before I had her

I woke up at 530 to pee (well and like 5 times before that of course). I could not go back to sleep since I was too excited and had a million things running through my mind. My alarm was set for 745 am but I couldn’t sleep. Dave saw me up in bed at like 545 and asked if i needed anything. He got me a granola bar and the computer so I could facebook and mess around researching last minute labor tips.
6:00 am I had what I assumed was a more uncomfortable/slightly painful braxton hicks contraction.
6:08 another. I kind of had to sit up to make it not hurt. But still only slighly painful.
6:15 another, little more painful. I woke Dave and told him I thought maybe i was having light contractions. 2 more came 619, 623. I decided I’d shower in case this was labor as I was planning on showering before the induction anyway. I took about a 5 minute shower and had 2 or 3 contractions in the shower.
6:30 Dave decided we were going to the hospital. I tend to downplay being sick and being in pain. He said he recognized the look on my face from when I was in labor with Alyssa, so he knew it was labor. I said no, I wasn’t sure it was true labor yet. And if it was it had to be early labor because  for one it just started and two they weren’t really regular.  I had a couple 2 minutes apart, then one 4 minutes later. I told him he could go back to sleep until we had to wake up at 745. Dave said no, he was not delivering this baby (a fear of his) and we had to be at the hospital soon anyway for the induction so what the worst hat can happen, we wait at the hospital a little. I figured he was right. I had 2 fears for going into labor on my own. One was that it would be really fast and I wouldn’t make it to the hospital since my labor with Alyssa was only a little over 2 hours. But the other was that I would show up to the hospital and have them say nope, its not labor, go home. I don’t know why i was afraid of the second.
6:40 I told my mom we were leaving and kissed Alyssa goodbye in her bed.
6:45 dave called labor and delivery and told them we were coming in.
6:50 we left the house. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart the entire drive. I knew at this point it was labor. I was delivering at the naval hospital, which is on base. Base traffic is horrific in the morning around 7 am . I was starting to feel the baby get really low and told Dave maybe we should go to the local civilian hospital because traffic took 1-2 hours sometimes to get on base that time of day.
7:10 Dave decided to turn on his flashers and ride the shoulder past all the traffic.
7:20 we made it to the hospital. We pulled up out front and left the car in the firetruck zone. We went upstairs, and they took us to our room. They told me to get in my gown and someone would be in soon to get me ready and check my progress. I told them they may want to do that sooner than later.
7:25 Dave ran down to get the labor stuff, I stressed for him to run. My OB had just started her shift at 715 and came into the room right away to say hi, saw me have 2 contractions in a couple minutes so checked me. She said “Oh you’re 10 cm, let me go hang up my coat, I’ll break your water real quick, and we can push”.
7:30 Dave was back by this point from moving the car. They didn’t even have time to admit me to the hospital. They rushed to get an iv in and the heart rate monitor on.
7:45 I joked that this was the time my alarm was set to wake up for my induction.
7:46 Cassidy Blaire was born, roughly 20 minutes after we parked!

Alyssa giggling after taking her hat off and seeing all that hair

I won’t say it was “easy” but it was SO different than my labor with Alyssa. It was so calm this time. We talked between pushing.  The doctor also mentioned how calm and relaxed it was, especially considering the rush.  It was so much less painful than delivering being induced with pitocin. I didn’t get pain medication either time but with Alyssa I wanted to, it was hard not to. Pain meds never even entered my mind this time.
So from first uncomfortable cramp/contraction to holding my baby was about an hour and a half, Alyssa was a little over 2 hours. They said I may want to live at the hospital the last couple weeks when i have a 3rd.

First family of 4 photo

Cassidy scored a 9.9 out of 10 on her apgar score. They had to test her blood sugar 4 times the first day. Anything over 45 was fine, hers ranged between 63-68, perfect! No sign of jaundice whatsoever. We were discharged to come home the next day at noon, after being at the hospital a little over 24 hours. I had a “dream” labor and the sweetest healthy baby girl!
I fall more in love with her sweet dimples and smile every day.
At her 6 months appointment today, my little string bean weighed in at 15 lbs (30th percentile) and 27.25 inches (95th percentile). My husband is 6’2″ and thin so it appears she has his build and not my 5’3.5″ frame.
She is currently breastfed and eats a little bit of cereal at night. It is now time to introduce fruits and veggies. She is also allowed to start eating crackers, cheerios, etc.
She is sitting up on her own, coos, and is starting to scoot a little to get where she wants to be. She sleeps 12 hours a night and is truely a little angel. My life is not perfect, far from it. But as far as babies go, Cassidy really is. I could not ask for more, she is amazing! Now I just hope those 6 months shots she got don’t make my poor baby uncomfortable tonight. I think they hurt me more than her though!

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    • yes it was so crazy! I think it helps that I was at 4 cm for weeks before even going into labor so its not like I had to go all the way from 0-10, I was already almost halfway there. It was on the verge of too quick though, my husband was having a panic attack he was about to deliver her on the side of the road, haha!

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