Cookie Dough Hummus


I often times write about a new dish I made and say I will post the recipe details asap. And then I often forget. Well I apologize but I won’t do it this time! I am getting this cookie dough hummus recipe together now because it is too good to miss out on! We love hummus in our household, don’t get me wrong, but this tastes nothing like hummus. You would never know there were beans in here. It takes like pure buttery cookie dough, but without the salmonella. Did you know that one of the reasons you are not supposed to eat cookie dough or any batters is not just because of the salmonella in the raw eggs? It is more so because there could be salmonella in the raw flour! I never knew that! Well we are safe here because there are not any flour or eggs here.

Cookie Dough Hummus (or just call it Cookie Dough Dip so people don’t stick their nose up at it knowing its healthy)

2 cups cooked chick peas

3 TB honey

3 TB peanut butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

2-5 TB milk (almond or cows)

2 TB mini chocolate chips plus more for garnish


First peel all the little skins off the chick peas. Yes, this takes about 5 minutes but it makes such a creamier hummus/dip. You can skip this step if you don’t care that it will be a tiny bit mealier. Or you could just use a different white bean like great northern beans or navy beans.

Place beans and the rest of the ingredients, besides the chocolate chips, in the food processer. Start with 2 TB of the milk and add more as needed to make everything combine. Add milk until you have your desired thickness. I like a pretty thick dip, so I added as little milk as possible.


Garnish with the rest of the mini chocolate chips. The mini chips are really crucial for the dip, large ones don’t work as well. We need the most chocolate pieces per scoop here. If you only have large ones just give them a quick chop and now they’re mini! I am all about improvising and substitutions in my kitchen!


Dip quartered homemade graham crackers, pretzels, fruit, etc into dip and enjoy. The graham crackers were my personal favorite because there was a nice big surface area to scoop up tons of dip in each bite Smile.

This seriously tastes just like peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough.

I took this to a potluck on Monday night and got asked for the recipe numerous times. Most people wanted it to “trick” their kids into eating beans. I don’t need any tricking nor does my family. I don’t care how healthy it may seem for a dessert, its delicious!

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  1. This looks so delicious! I have been loving your blog lately. I love your positive personality and the way you raise your girls. I found you via Healthy Slice of Life and have been reading every day!

  2. Lindsay!!! I love that you did a blog 🙂 My kids would love this… They love plain chickpeas though too. I don’t understand the tricking kids into eating things and hiding nutritious foods. Seems silly to me. Start healthy foods early and you won’t have that problem later!

    • i know! I make a brownie with black beans and Alyssa will say “mom can you make the brownies with beans tonight please”. She probably thinks thats just a normal ingredient in all brownies!

  3. I really want to try this! My daughter and I made Happy Fit Mama’s Spinach PB dip today, and we loved it! Trying to figure out good things for her to eat at lunch since she’s not a big meat eater. So this dip looks good – plus anything that includes PB in it, I’m all for it! 🙂

    • If you can eat sunbutter that would be a fine substitute! Or that biscoff spread. Its the same consistancy as peanut butter (but obviously not as healthy, although there are only 2 tbs so it wouldnt be too bad)

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