And It’s Not Over Yet


This weekend has been all about family time..

Family meals…


Turkey meatloaf, garlic dill roasted potatoes, and cornmeal breaded baked okra.

A family run…We woke up Saturday morning, ate some granola bars and drank some water, then headed out for a 3.5 mile run.


We did some planks and pushups in the garage too before coming in to make green smoothies with ham and cheese omelets for breakfast.

Family time in the chemistry lab…In my dreams. I was a science major in college and miss it (I am a closet nerd). These are Alyssa’s safety glasses for her workbench. So this is more Dave’s dream.


Who says girls can’t use powertools?

Family dessert…homemade pumpkin roll


Oh yeah…this is a pumpkin roll with cream cheese icing inside. Recipe is on my page! I think this is my all time favorite dessert.

Family pajama day…


We went to church Saturday night so we could have all day Sunday to do “stuff”. Well we didn’t end up leaving the house all day long. Alyssa got excited when it was time to go to bed because she was already in her pjs. We brushed our teeth though I swear!

Family craft time…I worked on a dress I am making for a friend’s baby girl. She is about the same age as Cassidy and it is so hard to spend SO much time on a dress that fits Cassidy then give it away. I need to box it up and send it asap before I change my mind!


 Dave and Alyssa cut paper and made some snowflakes for their craft.

And family workout time #2…Its a rarity but we worked out Saturday and Sunday! Sunday night we did a crossfit style circuit workout in the garage after the girls were in bed. It took us 33 minutes to complete and left my body shaking! We rarely workout on the weekends so this was an accomplishment.

AND the best part is…it’s a 3 day weekend so its not even over yet!


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  1. love the picture of Cassidy…I hope she ends up like her Mommy!!..(even if it means she is a closet nerd)…that look on her face is so her…I cannot wait until Monday to get ahold of her again!!!…

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