50/10 Full Body Circuit Workout


On Sunday night Dave and I did a circuit workout in the garage once the kiddos were in bed. I was going to do it by myself while Dave did the P90x stretching video but he noticed the video was an entire hour and bagged the idea. I made up a circuit workout that incorporated cardio, arms, legs, and abs. Full body, quick, and effective. I have been loving on these types of workouts lately because they aren’t boring. I love running and lifting weights but it can get boring to me after a while. Circuit workouts keep you and your body guessing and they require no equipment whatsoever! Perfect for a quick workout while the little ones nap too! They pretty much make it so I have no excuse not to workout.

Dave took one look at it and said, “what do you think you work for crossfit now or something?”. I guess thats a compliment? He looked at a couple of the exercises and said “oh no, that looks too hard”. He was talking about the mountain climbers. Thats right buddy, let’s go!

We did the circuit 3 times and it took us about 30 minutes. It took us a couple minutes longer to complete than it would if we had done it on our own. Dave had to wait a couple seconds for me to finish my pushups whereas I finished my mountain climbers first and waited on him to move on.

If you are a guy, I would say up the pushups and chair dips to 25 each. I know that kind of kills the name of my 50/10 workout but it would make it more full body. Dave said it was easy on him upperbody wise but for me it was good. Between the pushups and burpees I did 60 pushups total. Thats killer for me!

Both of us agreed though that our legs were shaking by the end. Dave had a hard time finishing all the ab exercises. So overall, it ended up being a great workout for us to complete together!

We did the workout again on Wednesday during naptime (in laws were at the house with napping kids). But this time making it more of a competition by seeing who can complete it faster. This could have turned ugly real fast, we are some competitive people around here! Its in our genes and Alyssa definitely got it, you should see that child when she plays Uno. “Booya, I just made you draw two!”. No joke, Booya came out of her mouth along with a pointed finger at me. I had to laugh first before we started talking about being a good sport. She gets it honest!

We only did it twice through on Wednesday because we decided to run a quick 2 miles outside afterwards instead of the 3rd circuit. Well I use the word quick loosely. We were both still sore from doing this workout Sunday night and the wind was killer so it felt rather slow. We almost called it quits after just 1 mile actually. But anyway, who won? I compeleted my 2 rounds in 18:00 minutes and Dave in 18:59…Booya Dave!

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    • I wish I could do morning workouts but they just don’t fit in my schedule of feeding hungry kids first thing when we wake. And I am one of those people who has to let my food digest for 1-2 hours before working out too hard.

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