Vacation at the Waterpark


Today is going to be a rough one. For the last 2 weeks Dave has been on vacation. He rarely is given the oppertunity to use his leave so it just builds up and then we take a week or two at a time. For the 3 1/2 weeks before vacation, Dave was away on training so it was just me and the girls. Well Dave got home, then my in laws were in town, then we went on vacation, and now its back to reality. Lets just say my girls were spoiled rotten the last couple weeks and today will be a harsh dose of reality. There will no longer be at least two other people around to play with Alyssa all day long and an extra set of hands to assure Cassidy she will never have to be set down. But its ok, it was all worth it to get 2 weeks of pure family time!

During our vacation we went to a place called The Great Wolf Lodge. They offer a pretty good military discount and we love it there! Its our third time going in the past year. We have made the 4 hour drive just to stay one night over a weekend. It is an indoor waterpark with pools and 6 different big slides and 3 kiddy slides. Alyssa is obivously too big for a “baby slide” though so she rode all the big ones. I did not do one formal workout for an entire week and I was totally okay with that. Mostly because I had to climb 7 flights of stairs every time we went down a slide. And for 2 of those slides I also was carrying a double tube over my head. Lets just say my quads were legit burning by the time I got to the top every time!


When I wasn’t going down slides with Alyssa, I was snuggling my sweet baby girl. Cassidy is a pretty go with the flow baby so she just napped on me in the actual waterpark and I nursed her under my hooter hider in there when need be as well. The one thing that can be a downside of breastfeeding is that it can be kind of secluding having to go somewhere private to nurse. But I just use a cover up called a hooter hide and nurse her wherever I am. Everyone else eats in public, why can’t my baby, espeically if I am covered up? Thats how I view it at least. A little old lady actually walked by while I was nursing her and said “good for you, honey!”. It made me smile.


Snuggling a sleeping baby is quite possibly my favorite activity in the world! When Cassidy was awake she enjoyed swimming around the baby pool. I wish I didn’t cut the top of her head off in this picture because it would have totally been frame worthy.


She is at an age where she is curious about everything so splashing around was right up her alley! Just check out that concentration with the tongue hanging out of her mouth.


A little bit about The Great Wolf Lodge…it is an indoor waterpark that is part of a hotel. You have to stay at the hotel to use the waterpark so it can never get overcrowded. I am in no way affiliated with them, whatever I am saying is just our experience. They are extremely friendly and very willing to help you out. Alyssa has an absolutely wonderful time and talks about it non-stop between each trip we make. It really is geared towards families with young kids including a nightly story time and kid show.

It sure was nice to get a little time alone with Alyssa while Dave held Cassidy.


And of course it was nice to all be together and just have some good old fashion quality family time relaxing. Well Alyssa didn’t do much relaxing, she swam non-stop, literally. I don’t see how her little legs were still working by the end of each day. My legs were burning from walking all those stairs and she walked all those stairs as well, plus more when Dave took her down slides. I wish I had her energy levels!


And now instead of lounging by the pool I am back to reality about to unload the dishwater and fold some cloth diapers. Alyssa keeps asking if we can go back to the “waterpool” in 6 days. Not sure where she came up with that number from but I may have to take her up on that, its sounding pretty good to me too!


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  1. I have been talking up the Great Wolf Lodge like crazy…I am hoping we can get Jordan and Kaelyn to go next time…I’m with Lys…we should all meet there in “6 days”!…and I agree…I wondered how Lys could walk after being in the water park….must be those strong legs she inherited!

  2. Hello! Just found your blog and love it! I have a 4 month old (who won’t take a bottle:/) and an Army husband. So we have a little bit in common! Is there a way I can send you an email or something with questions about breastfeeding and baby sleep? I didn’t want to do it here since that’s not really the topic of this post:)

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Vacations are the best, but then it’s back to the grind. 🙂 I was on a mission trip a few years back (Mexico) and I saw this lady holding her baby so I walked over to see the cute little baby and she was nursing. I immediately turned red, but it’s really just a natural thing. 🙂

    • Its funny how people really do get uncomfortable with it. I did some too before I had kids myself. I cover up to be respectful to others who may be uncomfortable. Our society has made berastfeeding so controversial for some reason because like you said in other countries they just do it out in the open and its completely normal.

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