Happy 3.5


Being a military family means we are separated a lot. We are not able to spend holidays and birthdays as a family when Dave is out on training or deployed. That means when he is home, we take advantage of every occasion. Well on Saturday Alyssa turned 3 1/2, and we celebrated! In Alyssa’s eyes, 3 1/2 is just as important as turning 3 or 4. She will always say, “my friend “whoever” is 3 1/2 so she is a little bigger than me. But when I turn 3 1/2 I will be able to *insert any activity she couldn’t previously do* “.  She has been asking for the past 3 months when she will be 3 1/2. So we decided to get her a couple small gifts, make some cupcakes, and take her to Chuck E Cheese after dinner (she even asked for hand sanitizer after leaving that place so don’t worry!).

We woke up and did presents first, obviously! The Princess and the Frog movie, a new bike helmet, and some fairy wings.


I guess maybe the helmet is in case she tries to actually fly with those wings. I wouldn’t put it past her!


We ate a breakfast of omelets and strawberry muffins (recipe to come later this week, SO good!) before playing in the backyard for a while then going for a family run. After our run, we let Alyssa try out her new helmet and ride her bike for a while. Dave tried taking off the training wheels per Alyssa’s request since she is 3 1/2 now and all grown up. Still not so sure she’s ready for that though. We spend the rest of the day relaxing and hanging out around the house. I asked her what she wanted for her special birthday dinner and she said “whatever you want to make me”. Easy enough. We had broiled fish, baked sweet potatoes, and edamame. She LOVES seafood, her mommy’s girl for sure!

Cassidy sure enjoyed her sweet potatoes.


Alyssa gobbled her dinner up, but mostly because we told her we’d take her to Chuck E Cheese’s for a little bit after she finished. We only stayed for an hour before coming home for cupcakes. An hour at Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday night is all we could handle!

The cupcake part was good, but nothing spectacular. I subbed out a little butter for some greek yogurt in an attempt to make it healthier so I could go all out on the icing. Oh the icing… Man is homemade icing a thousand times better than that canned stuff. If I eat a cake with canned icing or bakery icing I always scrape it off. It just tastes like pure sugar with chemicals mixed in, which is probably exactly what it is.

And on top of her cupcake were 3 and a 1/2 candles.


Happy 3 1/2 to my sweet and spunky little girl, who is no where near a baby anymore!

Even my baby seems like she won’t be a baby for much longer. She turned 7 months over the weekend. She is still sweet as can be, but is no longer the calm, laid back baby she was. She is go-go-go.

Do you celebrate holidays often or just major ones like birthdays and christmas?

Any reason to do something a little special and out of the ordinary is fun, I think!


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  1. I LOVE all of the pictures in this post…I was giggling out loud at my desk at the one with Lys and her angel wings and helmet and Cassidy doing her cleanup…I SO miss them!!!….Happy 3 1/2 to the sweetest granddaughter ever!!…if you are available, can we skype this week?

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