Boredom Buster Treadmill 5k


I run on the treadmill a good amount. Although I just bought my double jogging stroller, I have yet to buy a weather shield, so if there is any wind or rain or its cold, I can’t expect the kids to sit through that. The treadmill was technically my “push present” from having Cassidy. Well that’s at least how we justified spending all that money. We got a semi-decent one that is able to fold up since we keep it in our living room. I wish we could have gotten one of the gym quality ones but since it isn’t used all day every day like the ones at the gym, we knew we could get away with a much cheaper one.

I love to run, well I love the feeling after I run. I actually get kind of bored while running, which is one reason I have started doing circuit workouts a lot lately. But there is just something about a run that leaves me feeling accomplished! It also makes me sweat like no other. Well besides that stair climber at the gym, the one with the revolving stairs. Man, that thing makes me sweat! So to keep me from dying of boredom staring at my living room wall, I always switch up my speed every couple minutes. I usually do increments of distance actually because it would kill my OCD if I finished and was at something like 3.19 miles. I would inevitably do an extra .6 to get to a number I liked.

3 miles is my favorite distance. Well somewhere between 3-4. If I do less than 3, I feel like I didn’t do enough. And if I do more than 4 right now, I start feeling like my milk supply goes down. A 5k is perfect.

boredom buster treadmill 5k

I completed the run in 26:58 minutes and the cool down took me an additional 2 minutes. You can easily adjust the pace to be faster or slower. Just bump every speed up or down by 0.2 or 0.5, whatever suits your fitness level.

Make sure you have a towel ready because this will leave you nice and sweaty! Something about adding in those couple of walking intervals really gets me sweating. For some reason the instant I stop running, the sweat starts pouring. So starting and stopping and starting again really gets me!


See that sweet headband? Its my 3 year olds and it works perfect for running, especially after I got my hair cut!

Does anyone else mess with the incline and speed non-stop to avoid boredom? If I was talented enough, I’d like to read while running. But that ended badly once, so its just music for me!


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  1. I’ve found the same thing–as soon as I stop running I literally start dripping sweat!
    I also like the change up the speed and incline to keep from getting bored. Occasionally, if I can snag a treadmill with a personal tv, I’ll watch that while I run.
    The other trick I’ll sometimes use is to hop off the treadmill every .5 miles or so and do a set of pushups/burpees/jumping jacks/whatever really. It breaks the run up nicely!

  2. ooo this one looks like a great one!! i almost always do intervals on the treadmill because i get bored really easily too. i’ll usually prop my laptop up and watch a show or movie on netflix too. i’m the same way… i start sweating like crazy when i stop running too. isn’t that weird? i’m curious as to why that happens.

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