Whirlwind Weekend


I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a recent memory. We had a jam packed weekend and I loved every second of it (well besides a certain 5 second incident I’ll get to later).

Dave rushed home from work early on Friday evening because we had a date! That’s rare around here. Our church is doing a series on Marriage and as part of that they provided free child care on friday night so the couples could go on dates. It was a great tie in with the series and a great opportunity. We dropped Alyssa off at 6 and went out for some seafood and froyo. Cassidy tagged along because I didn’t want to leave her in a day care setting quite yet. She also eats at like 730 and doesn’t take a bottle so she goes where I go. But she was her perfect angel self and sat in a high chair next to us and quietly ate some green beans while Dave and I talked. We picked up Alyssa by 815 so we could have them both home and in bed before 9 because we had a crazy busy day Saturday.

Saturday started with a 30 minute circuit workout in the garage after a pancake and egg breakfast. Then Alyssa had her first soccer game of the season! There was a huge improvement over last season! She kicked the ball twice, which is 2 more times than she did the entire last season! She is still the youngest kid on the team but at least she is interested this year. She told me she wanted to score a goal and was kind of sad she didn’t. I told her she would get there and she would soon! After her soccer game we had a family St. Patricks Day party all afternoon.  Then we came home, fed Alyssa, changed clothes, and were out the door again.

But during this rush of getting changed, Alyssa and I had a little collision. She was walking in front of me, and all of a sudden stopped, and I didn’t. I kicked her heel with my baby toe. I wanted to cry. Not quite 24 hours later it looks like this…


This would be broken toe #3 for me! I didn’t even bother getting it x-rayed this time because I know what it feels and looks like to have a broken toe at this point. Check out this red, black, and blue swollen little toe. Its been a couple hours since this picture and the bruise is already all down the back of my toe as well. Its also starting to move down my foot some too.


But it didn’t slow me down. I tried my hardest not to cuss in front of Alyssa and then rushed out the door (in high heels no less). In my defense, I was hoping it was just badly stubbed and I thought it would stop hurting soon. Not so lucky.

This time it was just Dave and me. Yes, you read that right…no Cassidy. I left her for the first time with a babysitter. She was 24, cpr certified and all that, a nanny for a living, and a friend of a friend. So I felt safe but it was still so hard. But I know Dave and I needed it and the kids were only awake an hour before it was bedtime anyway. We headed out to an adult only St. Patricks Day party. We stayed out until 1130, woohoo! We are always home by 8 pm for the kids bedtime so this was a little crazy for us!

Sunday morning started with church. We have recently started going to a new church and we both love it. We feel like the preacher is talking right too us every Sunday, its just SO relatable. They also have a Sunday school class for Alyssa (And Cassidy too but we don’t leave her quite yet). Alyssa comes home with little bible verses and songs memorized, its so sweet.


At the moment they are doing a series on Marriage and I swear this guy must have heard Dave and I argue and spied inside our household because it feels like he is talking right to us. It could be a one on one marriage counseling session.

After church, we rushed home to eat lunch and change, then right back out the door. Where to this time? A Spouses kickball game! My husband is a Marine and I am part of a spouses kickball team for his unit and we play other unit’s teams. Well today we challenged our husbands to a game. We ended up splitting the teams co-ed so it would be fair. It was a blast! Dave and my team won 7-6 and out of our 6 runs, 2 were mine and 2 were Daves! I wore my cleats for a little extra toe support and when you kick the ball its more with the top of your foot where it meets your shin, so it didn’t hurt my toe. The running did a little, but I sucked it up, and now have an elevated throbbing toe as a result. The kids played on the playground right next to us with a couple of teenage girls watching them. One of them loved Cassidy and didn’t put her down the whole time.

On another note,  my mind is officially change about beets, I loved them! I cut them up, tossed in olive oil and garlic salt, and roasted until tender at 400F. I ate 3 entire large beets by myself! Even Alyssa and Cassidy loved them. I

This truly was an awesome weekend! We had tons of family time, a little alone time with just Dave and I, and tons of fun with every single actually we did! Now this week looks like it will be full of rest time to help heal this little toe.

The first time I broke my toe, I belonged to a gym so I just used the stationary bike and lifted weights. The second time, I broke my toe and foot really badly and had to keep it elevated for 16 weeks! Yes 16, not 6 because it was broken in a spot they couldn’t cast. It just would not heal and my hairline fracture turned into a full on break all the way through and crushed cartilage before finally healing. My husband was deployed when that happened and Alyssa was 18 months old, so needless to say I wasn’t able to rest and let it heal like I should have. But this time, I don’t belong to a gym. I run on my treadmill or outside and use weights and do circuit workouts. I think weights may be the only one of those I can  still do for a couple weeks.

Has anyone else broken their baby toe before? What do you do as far as exercise? Any suggestion?


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  1. That is so awesome that you had a great weekend! How cool is that your daughter got to kick the ball! My niece signed up for soccer again this year and she loves it! 🙂
    Your toe!! Oh my goodness! Bless your heart.

    That is really nice that you guys are liking your church and getting involved. 🙂

  2. Congrats to Alyssa on her two kicks! My little sister never quite got the hang of the sport–she would just sit down in the middle of the field!

    I’ve never broken a toe before but perhaps the rower wouldn’t be too tough on it? And there’s always upper body weights too…

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