29 Minute Bodyweight Circuit


Spring is my favorite season to workout. I don’t sweat to death like I do in the summer (I am a sweaty person!) but my lungs don’t hurt from the cold like in the winter. And lets be honest here…impending bathing suit season gives everyone a little extra motivation. And luckily for me, I don’t suffer from seasonal allergies so I can be outside amoungst the pollen and still be able to breathe through my nose. Although unfortunately both of my girls inheritied their dad’s allergies and are currently all snotty.  My husband and all his dominant genes. My blonde hair and blue eyes were overruled and both my babies look just like him. At least I know Alyssa inherited something from my genepool because she is stubborn as can be :). Although so is Dave so she was doomed! Anyway, back to working out…I have been loving circuit workouts in my garage with the door open to get a nice Spring breeze. I made one up that used some similar exercises to my 50/10 circuit workout except this one is based off of time intervals. I think I liked it better this way actually.  Both Dave and I were sweaty as can be after it and Alyssa was out of breathe from partaking in her portion too (note: I never make Alyssa work out with me. I usually set her up with an activity if i workout while she is awake. She just joins in a lot of times because she wants to be doing whatever the adults are doing)

Do each exercise for 1 minute and then rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of three times through.

Somehow I think I struggled the most on the leg raises, didn’t see that coming. And of course I had to throw mountain climbers in there to torture my husband, he hates them! Workouts that go by time like this are either really easy to cheat on or really easy to bust your butt. You get out of it what you put into it!

I have also been intruiged by Tabata workouts lately. If you don’t know what they are, its where you do a particular exercise for 20 seconds full on, 10 seconds rest, and repeat for a total of 8 times. Each exercise set takes 4 minutes total. I know they have been around for a while but I just recently strayed from straight running and weight lifting into HIIT and circuit workouts. Does anyone have any good tabata workouts they can link up? Does anyone do them and enjoy it? I figure they would be right up my alley since they only take about 20 minutes to do an entire workout. Short and sweaty, just the way I like my workouts!


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  1. can you come up with a 30 minute workout for me that considers my limitations…I, unlike you, need some work before the summer clothes are a necessity…hopefully I still have time…I have bought in pretty much to your food plans…got rid of the juices…am drinking mostly water again…doin organic and gluten free most of the time…but it isnt enough…I NEED to exercise !!…

  2. Great information- thanks for posting your routine- and it seems like a lot of those things would be easy to do with a 6 month old nearby!

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