My Sick Baby Girl


I mentioned yesterday that poor baby Cassidy is sick. Well she is even sicker. We have been to the doctor twice and the ER twice since Thursday. And we have another follow up tomorrow morning as well. She has been running a high fever for a week now. She has terrible congestion, puking, diarrhea, pink eye, and a sore throat (according to what the doctor saw). Its been around 105.3 F for the past 2 days. Tonight we had to get her blood drawn which was miserable. Absolutely miserable. They stuck her about 15 times and 4 different people tried but no one could get one of her tiny veins. She was screaming just looking up at me as I hold her down so confused. I felt horrible and I just kept telling her how sorry i was. But I knew at this point, something was wrong with her and we had to figure it out. They finally found a lady who got it on the first try. I wanted to kiss her. They also catherized her to get urine. And she got a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. So they poked and proded the sweetest baby on earth for 3 hours tonight. We left this evening with the information that her white blood cell count is very high which could mean any sort of bacterial infection or a virus. They gave her a high dose injection of antibiotics into her leg since we didn’t have time for the oral ones. We go back in the morning for her to get another injection. They are going to continue monitoring her blood cultures(growing it on a petri dish) and if things look bad overnight we will get called and we will have to bring in her for a spinal tap. They almost did one on her before we left but decided to wait.

So yeah, that was my day. For those moms out there you can imagine how miserable my day was. Theres nothing worse than watching your baby hurt. Cassidy feels horrible. She couldnt even be touched without crying she was so achy. My mom went through 2 shirts and I went through 2 pairs of jeans from being puked on.

And to add to issues, Alyssa started complaining her ear hurt. Yep, ear infection and double pink eye for her. Now I am just hoping I am not next for all these issues.

In the morning we are going back to the doctors to continue trying to figure out what is wrong with Cassidy. More tests and poking I’m sure. I have not put my baby down in almost a week. She has just wanted to be snuggled and breastfed non stop. I am happy to make her feel better any way I can. Last night I was up between 3 and 6 just nursing her, being a human pacifier pretty much. It may be creating bad habits, especially for a baby who is usually such a scheduled nurser and great sleeper. But I don’t care. If I can comfort my sick baby, I will.

My hope is this high dose injection of antibiotics will kick in and she’ll be all better very soon. Hopefully I’ll be back to working out, cooking, blogging, and sleeping before long. I have done none of these things in the last week.

Off to try and get some sleep before setting my alarm to wake up every couple hours to take her temperature and give her medication.

Praying for my sweet baby girl that she gets better very soon!



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  1. Oh, wow, that sounds miserable… poor Cassidy! I hated regular shots at well check-ups, and seeing her stuck that many times would have been torture for me. You’re doing the right thing, with all the cuddling time, I bet she’ll have no problem getting back to her normal patterns. Hope you get some answers soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have had quite a week. My thoughts are with you and your family during this time and I really, really hope your baby doesn’t have to have a spinal tap- or even have to go back to the hospital. It’s so hard when you can’t explain what’s happening and that it’s for a good reason. I hope you got some sleep and things are turning around today!

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