Cassidy Update and a Cannoli Recipe


Any guesses where I slept last night? Worst place ever…the hospital. After Cassidys high dose antibiotic injections, she should have gotten better fast. She didn’t. She still had a fever of 105. Back to the er we went. They gave her motrin and a tylenol suppository. We sat in the ER for hours, she had blood drawn again and went through 2 IVS because they kept falling out. At 230 am, after being there for 8 hours, they were going to discharge us because they still didnt know what was wrong and said they couldnt do anything there I couldnt do at home, which was monitor her temperature and give motrin. They called specialists at a children’s hospital for consults and no one knows. They said its a “head scratcher”. Just what I wanted to hear. They all assume its just an incredibly nasty intense virus. Although its more intense than one they’ve seen before, they ruled out mostly everything else. Well they took vitals on her one more time before discharging me from the er and saw that her temperature was now 95. So now it was too low. We used warming blankets on her and it only raised to 96. We got admitted because they were afraid she could not regulate her own temp. They poked and proded her and woke her every 1-2 hours all night and day long. Terrible! I slept for 1 hour but I don’t care, its all about Cassidy right now. I had to calm her back down and nurse her to sleep every time they woke her. She would scream otherwise and I just wanted to make her feel better. I may have started a bad habit but oh well.

So where are we now? Well we were sent home this evening still without answers. The doctors assume its a horrible virus. We go back in 1 1/2 days for more blood work, xrays, and urinealysis.  Hopefully not a spinal tap. If things aren’t better by then we will be referred to a specialist at a children’s hospital. I am now exhausted, sitting catching up with my DVR, eating chocolate, blogging to relax, and then hitting the hay early…prayers please if you are offering any up!

On to another recipe I have been meaning to post…Cannoli!

Cannoli filling custard

15 oz light ricotta cheese

6 Tbs powdered sugar or 3 Tbs honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 Tbs mini chocolate chips

Take your ricotta and wrap it in several paper towels to drain the excess liquid. Let sit in the refriderator for about 20 minutes. If towels become fully saturated, throw them away and wrap the cheese back up in dry paper towels to drain more liquid.


Mix ricotta, sugar/honey, and vanilla. Puree in small food processor. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.



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  1. I am so sorry for you and your family and am continuing to send good thoughts out to Cassidy! She must be exhausted and I know you are beyond exhausted at this point. Lula was in the NICU for a week after she was born and the feeling of helplessness is something truly horrible for moms to go through. Take care!!

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