9 Months and Counting


How is it possible that my baby is 9 months old? I know every parent says this a million times but its true. I feel like I was just pregnant with her and its been almost a year ago! You can read my birth story here, it’s a good one that will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure! (It did us!!)


Cassidy’s personality is really coming through lately. She is no longer the quiet passive baby who just sits around. She is getting stubborn and sassy, which was inevitable. If you’ve met her older sister Alyssa, it would be no surprise. And honestly, all of our kids are bound to be that way because Dave and I both are. Its crazy around here! Cassidy now has a mind of her own. She protests if she wants something but can’t reach it.

She gets really mad if I am eating something and not sharing with her. She will yell and wiggle until she gets her way. Then give me a big goofy grin when she gets what she wants. And they say you can’t spoil a baby. I could not disagree more! I think its ok that babies are spoiled, but lets call a spade a spade. Its being spoiled. But I love spoiling my babies, as long as it doesn’t turn into being a spoiled brat. I am thinking the concept of time out is in our near future. I started with Alyssa around 1. For now I will give her a simple “no” and redirect her though.


She crawls everywhere. Mostly the army crawl (or LOW crawl as my Marine Corps husband corrects me). She can crawl on all fours but it hurts her knees on our hardwood floors and tile so she opts for the scoot. And shes faster scooting than real crawling.

She pulls up on everything

Can get herself from crawling, to sitting, to pulled up, back down, etc. Sometimes the getting back down isn’t as graceful as she’d like but she has a hard head.

Waves Hi and Bye.

Says Mama, Dada, and Bo-Dee (Brody, our dog)


She still nurses a good amount. She nurses when she wakes up between 830 to 9 am, 1130, 230, 515, 715, and then just a top off before bed around 825. I am planning on dropping her 715 feeding soon but she is just cranky around that time and a quick nursing session seems to cure it. So we’ll see.

We are doing all tiny chunks of food and no purees. She hated purees and its just easier to give her what we are eating anyway. She eats a meat, veggie, fruit, and breastmilk mixed with cereal around 1230 for lunch. Dinner is a meat, veggie, carb around 545. She then eats 2 oz breastmilk mixed with baby cereal at 745. I did this when she was smaller so I would load her belly up before bed and she’d stay full. Now that shes getting older I’ll probably move things around a little. But again, it works for us so we’ll just go with it. She rarely eats breakfast since she drinks a ton of breastmilk in the morning but she will occasionally have a little banana or pancake while she sits at the table with us. So she eats a lot, but is still so skinny…maybe she’s our little hummingbird and just has a really fast metabolism.


My little girl is still a rockstar in this area. She has been sleeping through the night since about 6 weeks old and she continues on. We start bedtime around 8 pm and she is asleep in her crib by 830 pm. She usually wakes up around 830 am. If she’s especially tired, like tonight, she will go down more like 815 and will sometimes sleep as late as 9 am. Yep, thats 12 solid hours, sometimes closer to 13. I thank her every morning! I am a person who needs sleep. 8-9 hours is what I need to have my normal energy levels, so I am so grateful for her sleeping well. I usually nurse her until shes really sleepy, which only takes about 2 minutes. Some nights shes too full or too tired and won’t nurse and just wants in her bed, like tonight. Other nights she falls pretty much asleep in those 2 minutes. (ETA: She slept from 815 pm last night to 930am this morning, a new record of 13 hours 15 minutes! I actually woke her at 930 so we could get our day going, not sure how long she would have slept!)

Naptime is pretty good as well. IF we are home in the morning she will sleep from 10-1130. We are usually out and about though so she will take like a 45 mintue nap from like 11-1145. We are usually home for her afternoon naps, which are roughly 230-430. I lay her down awake and she is usually asleep within 5 minutes. Sometimes she’ll cry for 10 minutes before falling asleep, sometimes she sucks her thumb right to sleep.


My baby is a little bean pole. Alyssa was a fat baby. Rolls everywhere. Cassidy is this little skinny tall baby. I fed them on the exact same schedule but every kid is just different I am learning.

Height: 28.75 inches (92%)

Weight: 16.5 lbs (20%)

Head: 17.9 inches (90%)

The doctor said she looks great and not to worry at all about her being petite. He said since my husband and I are both small builds, she may just be small. But she obviously has his height though. He is 6’1.5” and I am 5’3.5”. She is growing and is in the same percentiles every checkup so he said that’s what matters. If she all of a sudden drops into the 5th percentile for weight, then we may be concerned. But for now, just keep doing what we’re doing. Great thing to hear!

And just to show you Alyssa around the same age, at the beach as well. Check out those thighs!

AI can’t believe she will be 1 before we know it. She will be walking around soon. Just thinking of it makes me tear up. I feel like as soon as a baby walks, they are a toddler and not a baby. I need my baby to stay a baby! Although I am excited for her to walk because crawling results in her hands being all over dirty floors, which is particularly unsanitary for a thumb sucker.

I love you Cassidy Blaire more than anything in the world. You are the sweetest, most smiley, baby ever and love you more every day! Your dimples melt my heart time and time again with every smile. I swear if every baby was like Cassidy the world would be so overpopulated because everyone would have like 15 kids!

I am so lucky to have the little girls I have, I wouldn’t change a thing about either of them!


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  1. funny before I got to the bottom of your post I was remembering Lys’ legs in a “baby soup” and thinkin Cassidy;s are much different…then I got to see!!…sweet sweet girls…LOVE them!!

  2. It’s so amazing how different siblings can be! L’s was one of the chunkier babies. And wow, Cassidy is such a good sleeper!! L did the 12 hour nights, but much shorter naps. I didn’t know it was possible to have long nights and good naps. So jealous! 🙂

    • yes I know, I am SO blessed with Cassidy’s sleeping and just her general easiness for a baby. I do not take it for granted for sure! I am kinda scared to have #3 (one day) because it might be a “normal” baby who actually cries and doesnt sleep perfectly 🙂

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