Going to the Zoo


Warning: picture overload ahead…

We met my dad and stepmom for Alyssa’s first trip to the zoo. It was the last “firsts” blank left in her baby book. Cassidy’s baby book filled up so much quicker since she gets drug along to everything we do with Alyssa. She went to her first movie at 2 weeks old! Anyway…the zoo. It was perfect weather and the zoo was completely empty.


I think we walked about 3 miles throughout the day. And there were some killer hills. We brought the stroller for Cassidy but switched over to carrying her in the ergo about 30 minutes in. So I was carrying an extra 20 pounds on my back.


We had to take a picture on every stone animal.


The children’s portion of the zoo was actually kind of lame. We saw a bunch of butterflies and that’s all. But we did find some more photo ops.


My little farm girl was hamming it up for pictures.


We ditched the children’s portion of the zoo and then the fun began when we got to see some real animals. Alyssa got to feed a giraffe. She says “I fed a giraffe and it wrapped its big tongue around my hand and got me all slimy”. My dad said he was expecting her to pull away and freak out when it starting eating the leaf but he said she didn’t at all. She loved it.


We saw the penguins, elephants, chimps (who were in mating season which was quite…interesting), polar bears, monkeys, cheetahs, prairie dogs, and some others. One of the monkeys had a baby a couple weeks prior and we saw it nursing its baby. It was so sweet.

Alyssa also got a camel ride. My dad said it was horribly uncomfortable, but Alyssa loved it!


I am glad to finally fill the blank in Alyssa’s baby book but I just realized that, besides her first day of school, her baby book is complete. It makes me so sad, my baby girl is growing up too fast!

The zoo is one of those things I did for my kids. I enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves and I had a lot of fun. Dave has been bugging me to go to the zoo since we met 8 years so he is definitely more the zoo person.

Do you like the zoo?


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  1. What a fun day! We now have a zoo within ten minutes of us, with free days the first Tuesday of the month, so we’ve been there a lot this year. It’s always fun!

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