Maryland Blue Crabbing


I grew up in Maryland. That means I grew up eating blue crabs dredged in Old Bay. If you truly want a “Maryland Crab Cake”, you have to order it in Maryland. I have yet to find a true MD crab cake anywhere else. They always have peppers or onions or huge chunks of bread in them, gross! The limiting factor to eating crabs and crab cakes however is the price. At around 30-40 dollars per dozen or 15-20 dollars for one (great) crabcake, it’s a luxury.


When I was in MD visiting, we decided to go old school crabbing. No crab traps or trot lines. We went to a pier and tied string to the dock that had chicken necks tied on the ends. When you see the line tighten up, it means a crab is tugging on the chicken. You slowly pull the line up, with the crab attached to the chicken by its pincers, and then scoop it up with a crab net.


We filled a bin with water and dumped them all in as we caught them. We caught 12 total! That’s about 40 bucks worth!


Walking back to dump our crabs in the bucket.


These first two we put in the bucket had a full out brawl. The one crab pinched the others eyes and ripped his mouth off.


While we crabbed, the kids played. Alyssa was playing on this monkey bar type thing. She was going to the top then dropping to the ground. She kept hurting her arms doing it but the crazy kid kept going back for more so she could get it right.


Cassidy hung out in the pack n play and kept an eye on the crabs for us.


When we got home, we steamed them up. Just boil water with some vinegar in there. Load them up with a bunch of old bay, put the lid on, and steam for 30 minutes until they turn red/orange.


Check out that intense look. I had just dropped one on the ground so I was trying not to do it again!


If you ever go to Maryland, you must try either picking fresh crabs or get a good crab cake. Warning: it takes a pretty long time to pick crabs if you aren’t used to it so crab cakes may be the way to go. Either way, Old Bay must be involved!

I made crabcakes with the leftover crabmeat and put it on top a salad for lunch. And I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone, oops.

And since it is what I ate Wednesday I will show you a delicious dessert I ate last night (and the night before). Even though its not really with the theme this month of “sensible snacking”.

Peas and Crayons

Starting off with a one pan skillet cookie.

And topped it off with vanilla ice cream and a ton of homemade hot fudge sauce. yum!

Have you ever had Maryland Blue Crabs? They do take longer to pick and have less meat than snow crab legs or Dungeness Crabs, but they taste SO much better!


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  1. That looks so fun! I grew up in PA, so it’s close… but I have no idea about crabs. 🙂 Mmm, your dessert looks so yummy, as usual!

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