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When Alyssa first starting eating baby foods 3 years ago, there weren’t many organic options in my small town. Weird right since there are farms all around us? We didn’t have an organic market and the grocery stores didn’t have an organic section. So I set out to grow my own vegetables in order to make her own food. I have continued my garden every year since even though there are more organic options around now. Some years its productive, others not so much. It is completely organic. No fertilizers in the soil either, only chicken poop. I have it in a place that gets full sun for the majority of the day. I tried planting in 2 different places my first year, and the other place was too shady so nothing grew.

Here is a full view. Its not too up close since I couldn’t crop out that sweet baby and dog out of the corner.


I know, my child is naked. She just ate dinner and I forgot to put a bib on her so her shirt had to come off immediately. Well that’s a lie, I didn’t forget to put a bib on her. I never use bibs because she just rips them right off.

I have my herbs, basil, oregano, and parsley in the planter. It just keeps them all together and I am planning on moving them up on my deck so I don’t have to walk all the way down to the garden to collect them. I need to pick the basil because its going to seed. Fresh pesto will be on my plate this weekend!


Then I have a couple green pepper plants and some yellow squash and zucchini.


Mixed lettuce up front, although it looks like only the purple lettuce grew and just a couple of the green leaves. What kind of lettuce is that purple? It tastes good so I guess that’s all that matters. Then behind that is some butternut squash, spaghetti squash, 1 watermelon plant, eggplant and some okra I think. I forgot to make a “key” when I planted my garden and now I forget what that one row is. I’m going to say okra, time will tell I guess. And on the right are my peas and green beans in a row.


And to the far right, well apparently none of those seeds sprouted. I think my spinach, watermelons, canteloupe, and kale were planted there. I hope to plant some more kale and spinach but cant find the seeds around here anymore. I will keep looking because spinach and kale are some of my favorite I never get tired of.


And how is my garden doing so far? Well pretty good I think. I have gotten a good number of green beans.


There are 3 zucchini forming.


A couple baby green peppers. And this picture shows just how badly I need to weed my garden. I HATE weeding but i know it needs to be done so it doesnt choke out my plants.


And then there’s my tomato plant. Every year my tomato plants do amazing. Problem is, I don’t eat many tomatoes because they give me horrible acid reflux. This year I figured I’d just plant one plant so I don’t have a tomato excess. And of course that one plant shriveled up and died!


And then there are other plants that have flowers budding. Like my eggplant and some of my other squash plants.


The lettuce looks ready to pick now! Can’t wait!


And here is my one watermelon vine that grew. It is randomly in with all my squash plants. I must have dropped a seed over there during the planting process. Funny because none of my watermelon seeds that I actually meant to plant sprouted!


Check out this big zucchini plant. I get these weird looking bugs on my squash leaves and they lay these tiny copper eggs on the underside of the leaves. Since its all organic I don’t use spray but instead pick off the bugs and eggs. If I don’t, the plant will literally shrivel up and die within a couple days.


Hopefully these two bellies will be filled with all these veggies before long!


And without further adieu, my first pick of the season, wahoo!! I got enough green beans for a dinners worth! And of course as soon as I picked them I realized we had a pizza night out with some friends so we didn’t even get to eat them. I was actually disappointed I had to eat pizza when I had these bad boys at home waiting for me. Although not too disappointed not to eat 4 slices. Tomorrow these will be in our bellies for sure!


Anyone know some organic friendly tips to keep the bugs away? I’ve heard some pretty random tips for rodents that are far out there but apparently work, so I am hoping there are some for bugs too. Please share!


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  1. Wow, your garden looks awesome! I don’t really know of anything that is organic that really works to keep bugs away. I hear you on weeding- it sucks big time but I get stressed if the garden gets overgrown for some dumb reason. 🙂 I hope your green beans are good–if you have eaten them yet. My squash plants have the same problem- I never thought to pick the eggs off by hand though…that’s a good idea. I’ll have to see how squeamish I am when the time comes. 🙂

    • I pick the eggs off by hand and the bugs as well. I am a little squeamish doing it as well but its either that or my plants die and that frustrates me SO much! I got all dressed to weed while cassidy napped today but what am i doing instead? blogging and putting off weeding once again!

  2. I love that when organic options weren’t available, you grew your own! We have no space to garden this year, but have a few pepper/tomato plants and herbs. In NY we had a plot at an organic community garden, and learned a few tricks for pest control, like spraying plants with a crushed red pepper/water mix (doesn’t hurt the plants, but the bugs hate it) and I’m trying to remember what else…we used this link when we lived there…

    • oh awesome i never heard of the red pepper trick, thank you! I am going to look into that more. Renting a plot in a garden is a really neat idea if you dont have the space!

    • oh yes my children hate clothes. Alyssa strips down the second she walks in the door (and when she was younger she did it a time or two in public places as well!). Its underwear only around here, haha.

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