Week of Workouts


I had the most successful workout week I’ve had in a while. Ever since not working out for 2 weeks straight while Cassidy (and myself) were in the hospital early April, it has been hard to get back in the groove. I’ve been working out 1-2 times a week but the runs weren’t my best efforts, nor were my circuit workouts. However, since my day to day life is so active staying home with two little ones, swimming with them, chasing them, etc I didn’t worry about fewer formal workouts. However after this week of workouts, I have just felt amazing! Workout endorphins are a strong drug.


How cute is my future runner? She climbed her little butt up there in 2 seconds flat. I snapped a quick picture since she was so stinkin’ cute before I took her down (the treadmill is not to be touched at all by my kids, even though I keep it turned off and the emergency button disconnected at all times). Cassidy isn’t the only one who was reacquainted with the treadmill. I got in a 40 minute workout early last week that included intervals of running 3/4 of a mile followed by walking 1/4 mile at 12.0 incline. I repeated until 40 minutes. It left me super sweaty and I followed it up with some abs exercises.

Workout number two of the week was with a new running group I joined for marine corps spouses. We are all moms so we are all pushing strollers. We did roughly a 3 mile run. I didn’t run fast nor did I run far, but it was a lot of fun and still a good workout. We end our runs at a park so all the kids got out and played for an hour or so after the run. Win win. The only problem is the runs just got moved from 930 to 830 am to account for summer temperatures. We just can not make it out of the house that early since Cassidy doesn’t wake up until 830 or later.

Workout number three of the week was killer, in a great way! On base, they have a new crossfit gym. 3 times a week they have a wives class run by a couple of marines. The Saturday morning class starts at 9 am so I had to put the kids to bed early in order to get out the door on time. The other 2 days start at 830 but I just really don’t think we can make it to those unfortunately. I absolutely loved the class! We started with a 400 meter warm up run and then 10 minutes of high knees, butt kicks, sprints, etc. Then we did the WOD (workout of the day). I forget what the workout was named but it went like this…

10 cleans

5 burpees

bear crawl across the room

10 situps

bear crawl back

It was done with a partner and we held a plank (front or side) while our partner completed the circuit then we switched. Repeat as many times as you can in 20 minutes. My partner and I did it 9 times through. That means for half of that 20 minutes I was holding a plank. So in 20 minutes I did 90 cleans, 45 burpees, 18 bear crawls across the gym, 90 situps, and 10 minutes of planks!

The top of my back and shoulder are killing me! Those bear crawls really did me in. Its just an exercise I don’t normally do so my muscles really felt it! And one of the best parts about the crossfit wives classes is that they have a playroom with a babysitter in there. They just ask you give the 16 year old girl $1 per child! So I got an awesome workout with childcare for 2 children for 2 bucks. Deal of the century! The marines also go through each move in the WOD before we do it to make sure our form is correct. And they are there shouting encouragement at us along the way as well. I can’t wait to go back!

I know some of you may think 3 workouts in a week isn’t much, but that is my “sweet spot” as far as working out goes. I like pushing myself hard a few times a week versus less intense workouts more times per week. My body just can’t handle intense workouts consecutive days in a row. So 3 awesome workouts in 1 week is perfect for my body and schedule!

Crossfit was an awesome way to start off our weekend. The rest of the weekend was spent going to the pool, church, and of course enjoying good food. We made a homemade meatloaf with parmesean millet, and green beans from my garden.


Cassidy got to eat one of the two tiny zucchini we got before the squash borers ate my plants. I steamed it whole and it was perfectly baby portioned!


And multiple batches of these single serving cookies (makes 2 cookies for 150 calories!) were consumed. I played with the recipe and they are amazing! I guess I should have just made a whole batch and eaten them throughout the weekend huh? But my problem is that if I have 2 dozen cookies sitting in my house, I will eat an entire dozen throughout the day. So if I only make 2 at a time, I can only eat 2 at a time. Recipe to come later this week!


Last week was a success in the kitchen and on the fitness front. Feels great and I am ready to tackle another week! We have a busy one ahead for sure! I have a feeling it will be obsessing over planning the girls 1st and 4th birthday parties, even though its still 2 months away. I think we are going for a lollipop theme. We are having one set of parties in MD for both girls then a separate party here at home for Alyssa since she has her little friends she wants to celebrate with. Do you think its terribly lazy of me to just make both themes lollipops so I can reuse the decorations I make? Its just so tempting and easy sounding considering I am throwing 2 birthday parties within a couple weeks of each other.


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  1. Awesome workouts! You have such a healthy outlook on working out- I think that’s fantastic! The get together with other moms that ends in playtime at the park is genius! I’m sorry the timing is off. I really want to bring Lula to story time at the library but it starts when she is just starting her morning nap so it’s not really feasible for us…
    Regarding the birthday parties, I don’t think it’s lazy at all- the kids will remember that you threw them awesome parties, not that they both had the same theme…that’s cool their birthdays are so close to one another!

    • yes it is hard to get out of the house to do stuff when they are on 2 naps a day. It gets much easier when they transition to 1 a day. I wanted to try and get away with a combined party this year but since we were doing it in MD Alyssa was so bummed her little friends couldnt come so I figured i would throw her another at home and just make it easy on myself and use the same decorations 🙂

  2. Great workouts! Your little one is so cute! We have the same rules for the treadmill at our house! 🙂 Good luck birthday party planning! A lollipop theme sounds adorable!

  3. That Crossfit workout sounds killer! I did a similar HIIT workout, but have been wanting to check out Crossfit, too. I’m trying to find the safest way to mix it up with these occasionally, without overdoing it… my knees and shins were on the verge of unhappy from all the jumping around!

    • I have done tons of circuit, HIIT, and tabata which are crossfit style workouts but I had never actually done crossfit. I loved it, you should definitely give it a try! I am still SUPER sore 2 1/2 days later!

  4. LOVE the future runner photo! I can’t wait to watch my little one pick up on my habits- and it also scares the you know what out of me to just wonder what some of the things they’ll pick up that I don’t want them to pick up!
    Way to work out! You really did find your groove! WAY TO GO!!!

    • yes they pick up everything! Alyssa told me the other day “dang on, I am freakin hungry”. I guess i need to stop using the word freaking since i dont like it coming out of my 3 year olds mouth, haha. Although i had to turn around and laugh.

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