Munchin Meals; Dealing with Food Allergies


As of this past Sunday night, both of my girls have food allergies. Alyssa has a severe allergy to cashews, but we have to avoid all tree nuts and anything processed in a factory with tree nuts. We carry Benadryl and epi pens for her. We just found out Cassidy has an egg allergy on Sunday night. She has not been to the allergist yet so we don’t know how serious it is. We have no clue if her reactions will just be hives or full out anaphylaxis. She may be able to eat foods with egg cooked in them (like baked goods that baked in the oven for a long time) but just not things like scrambled eggs. Or she could have to avoid anything processed in a factory with eggs and need an epi pen as well. We can’t get an appointment with an allergist until August (!) but her pediatrician said to test it out and see if she can eat eggs cooked in things. How nerve wrecking is that? I’m not so sure I can do it. But IF I do, I think I am going to literally drive to the hospital and give it to her in the parking lot. I know, I am that paranoid mom! And since I am still breastfeeding, I can’t eat any foods containing egg either.

Breakfast: Cassidy had the two containers on the right. One was whole wheat bread and the other was organic pears. Alyssa’s breakfast was a chopped pear, a tiny piece of zucchini bread, and a cup of organic 2% milk.


I knew Alyssa would have a snack about an hour later at vacation bible school so I kept her breakfast light. The heart shaped sandwich and the chocolate covered graham crackers were her snack I made for vacation bible school. Snacks are provided at VBS but they are prepared by different volunteers, so I can’t trust their kitchens are nut free. I found out what they were serving each day at camp, and I am recreating the same snack in my own kitchen every night. That way she can still have the same snack as the other kids but I feel comfortable knowing I made it. Today’s snack was a heart shaped jelly sandwich and chocolate dipped cookies. This is not usually something I would serve Alyssa at 10 am but it makes her feel normal eating the same thing as the other kids, so that makes me really happy to do for her. And making it myself means its healthier since my bread is whole wheat and the jelly is 100% fruit. The cookie is also a homemade whole wheat chocolate graham cracker.

Lunch:  Steamed green beans from my garden, cheddar cheese, watermelon, lentils


This was Cassidy’s plate. Alyssa ate the same thing but about 3 times the amount. Alyssa has been an eating machine lately. I guess she’s going through a growth spurt.

Snack: Cassidy was nursed before her nap and Alyssa had a slice of chocolate zucchini bread.


Dinner: Lentil tacos with organic baked sweet potatoes.

Cassidys portion was deconstructed…


Alyssa’s portion…


Snack: Cassidy had 2 oz breastmilk with 1/4 cup oatmeal. Alyssa had a couple pieces of watermelon and a hersey kiss.

And Cassidy also nurses 5 times total in the day. I don’t feel like she nursed all that much at each session though yesterday. Maybe its because she ate more solids than usual. Now that she is 10 1/2 months I guess solids will start taking over more and she will be nursing less. I would be lying if I said that makes me sad. I love nursing her, its such a sweet and calm time I get to spend with her every day.

And my proud mamma moment of the day? I asked Alyssa what kind of juice they gave her at VBS so I could add it to her Munchkin Meal. She said “I am not sure Mommy. I told my teacher I needed water instead because I knew you didn’t check the package on the juice to check if it was processed in a factory with tree nuts”. She is getting so responsible with her allergy lately! What 3 year old turns down juice (and bday cake at a party a couple weeks ago)? I felt terrible though because juice is pretty much always safe for her but I totally forgot to check and give her teacher the go ahead to give it to her. I am checking the label this morning so she can have juice the next 2 days with her friends. And if its not, I will be running to the grocery store really quick to pick her up some!


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  1. How stressful for you to have to deal with another food allergy. I don’t blame you for wanting to be in the parking lot of the hospital the next time Cassidy eats some egg. 😦
    You are such a great mommy- that is wonderful that you make Alyssa’s snacks to match the ones that VBS offers- she is very lucky!

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