2 Quick Naptime Workouts


When summer hits, I have less motivation to work out. For one, its too dang hot outside and two, there are so many fun things to do that we are always busy and never home! I have been heavily relying on quick 20 minute workouts while Cassidy naps. They are intense, quick, and get the job done! Even though I have the most amazing sleeper ever (I am going to be cursed next time with an insomniac baby to make up for her), I still try and get my workout finished quickly so I can do chores and start dinner before she wakes up. I have done 2 workouts this last week that only took 20-25 minutes and left me nice and sweaty, especially since I did them in the garage in 90 degree heat. Both workouts are posted farther down after my What I Ate Wednesday.

Peas and Crayons

Every single meal I ate had zucchini in it…tis the season!

Breakfast: 8 zucchini pancakes (they were small) with homemade blueberry jelly + maple syrup


Snack: decaf coffee with a little half and half

Lunch: Leftovers. A TON of sautéed cabbage and 1 chicken and zucchini enchilada. Plus a banana and peanut butter.


Snack: 1 cup cereal with skim milk. I never eat only 1 serving of cereal so this was weird for me. I usually snack out of my kid’s bowls that are 1.5 cups so they are perfectly portioned snack size.


Dinner: talapia seasoned with old bay, baked french fries, zucchini and cheese casserole. And a raspberry chocolate greek yogurt popsicle to finish it off.


Dessert: 1 oreo plus 2 cups of homemade trailmix. I was starving so I filled this bowl up twice. Love trail mix but it is dangerously addicting and I end up eating a ton of it.


Now on to those workouts…

The first one takes roughly 20 minutes. Do it as quickly as you can but proper form is more important than speed. That plank is just a little extra ab work since I have had 2 kids Smile.

5 to 55

The second workout is a tabata. I love my Tabata timer app on my iphone. If you don’t have one its just 20 seconds full on 100% effort, 10 seconds rest, repeat for a total of 8 times. Each set will take 4 minutes. Rest 1 minutes between sets. To complete a set, go through each workout list twice and it will give you the 8 times. So for set one do burpess for 20 seconds, rest 10, lunges for 20 seconds, rest 10, chair dips 20, rest 10, high knees 20 seconds, rest 10, burpees 20 seconds, rest 10, lunges 20, rest 10, chair dips 20, rest 10, high knees 20 seconds. Sounds easier than it is. Those 10 second breaks fly by! But it gives a great workout!

25 minute tabata

“enjoy” the workouts!


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  1. Awesome food choices- you are so good about getting lots and lots of veggies! And good for you getting in workouts when you can- I suspect once I have kid number two, I am going to be doing more of these as opposed to runs before kiddos wake up! And wow- a two minute plank is awesome! I haven’t tried for awhile but I could barely do a minute and twenty seconds a few months ago!

    • planks seem to be the best ab exercise for flattening a post partum belly so I try and do them often. Finding time to workout did a little harder with 2 and I am just not willing to sacrafice sleep and wake up early to do it!

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