Newest Allergy Recommendations for Babies


I have got some news for all you moms out there concerning food allergies. We went to the pediatric allergic today and he informed me that most pediatricians are behind in the times and recommendations have changed! More on that after our Munchkin Meals..

My munchkins eat the same things I make myself. Lunch around here is usually a combination of leftovers, vegetables, and yogurt. I try not to have to cook too much at lunch but if we don’t have any good raw veggies or leftover roasted ones, I will roast some up. We will also sometimes have green smoothies with peanut butter and banana (just banana for Cassidy) sandwiches if we have to take our lunch on the road like today.

Some of our lunches throughout the week included…

Leftover zucchini and chicken enchiladas in homemade sauce with a side of sauteed cabbage.


An entire cans worth of homemade black bean and avocado hummus with 1 cucumber, 1 pepper, and a bag of baby carrots. Plus a bunch of pretzels. We took this lunch to the beach.


Leftover zucchini, yogurts, whole wheat flatbread, and some bananas.


So pretty much we just try and hit the vegetable, protein, fruit, and whole grain groups at lunchtime.

So on to the allergist. We went to the pediatric allergist today for the girls. Cassidy has an egg allergy and Alyssa has a tree nut allergy (cashews and pistachios). Both girls got retested by skin tests. Both of their reactions were really unexpected and just didn’t make sense so we had to re-test Cassidy twice and Alyssa 3 times. Not how I wanted to spend 4 hours on a Wednesday afternoon. They go for blood work tomorrow so we can better understand the severities. But anyway…I asked about when to give Cassidy other top allergens like peanut butter, nuts, fish, etc. I told him that when Alyssa was little my pediatrician recommended age 1, but now with Cassidy they recommended age 3. He said absolutely not, quite the contrary. He said pretty much all pediatricians are stuck behind in their research but Pediatric Allergists agree the sooner the better actually. Introduce fish, egg, shellfish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat anytime after 6 months. The only one you should wait for is milk at 12 months. Obviously watch for choking hazards with peanuts and peanut butter though. He said studies are showing a significantly smaller amount of children in the Mediterranean having food allergies where they are introduced to nuts, fish, etc as soon as solids are introduced at 6 months. He said this is also being shown in the United States and Europe. So tomorrow, I am giving peanut butter a go with Cassidy in her oatmeal. We are headed to the hospital to get their blood work done anyway so at least we will be in a safe place if she does react. But remember, it is NOT the first time they try a food that they will have a reaction. Your body has to be sensitized to the allergen the first time and it’s the SECOND or possibly even the 10th time they are exposed that they will have a reaction. The reaction will occur between immediately and 2 hours from ingestion. So always watch your kids carefully after giving them the top allergenic foods. So he told me not to give her peanut butter right before bed since I obviously won’t be watching her closely when she sleeps. Just thought I’d pass this info along to any other moms out there!


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  1. Oh my goodness- 4 hours at the doctor’s office? How exhausting! Very interesting information from your doctor- thanks for passing it along. I’m still planning on waiting until L is a year for dairy, nut butters, eggs, etc. I can’t believe how much hair Cassidy has! Your girls are adorable, as always!

  2. Good luck today…wish I was there so I could go with you…the picture of Cassidy in the yellow shirt makes me chuckle…I am beginning to agree with Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda more and more…Cassidy is looking like you when you were little…makes me want those days back…the memories are priceless…

  3. Food allergies are such a bummer!! What an exhausting day you must have had w/all that testing.

    I’ve already given my 10 month old eggs and dairy. No shellfish or pb (or milk) yet though. I’m thinking of working our way up to the pb with some almond & sunflower butter.

    • I let Cassidy have almond milk this morning. I am going to give it to her one more time, maybe some almond butter, then move on to another allergen like fish or peanuts. Makes me SO nervous! At least we have epi pens aorund here!

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