Weekend Wrapup


I did a lot of baking and cooking over the weekend, SURPRISE! That’s seriously all I do some days. Alyssa loves helping me, I love doing it, and we both love eating it! Can’t go wrong.

Over the course of the weekend we had zucchini chocolate chip waffles.


I made a delicious ground turkey curry dish for dinner one night. I winged it on Friday night and came out with a major winner. I need to buy ground turkey to make it again so I can record the recipe. Of course I just poured ingredients in without measuring but now at least I have an excuse to make it again. Alyssa will be thrilled. What 3 year old devours turkey curry then uses her bread to sop up the sauce from my plate? My kids. I love it!

Homemade fig newtons from fresh figs picked straight from the tree. The berry farm we pick blueberries at has a fig tree and they freshly picked a pint for us right on the spot. Doesn’t get any fresher than that! Anyone had a fresh fig before? They are like candy they are so sweet. Needless to say my girls loved them!


We also bought a watermelon from the farm that was picked that morning. A giant seedless watermelon. Its gone now. I am going back in the next day or two to buy another for sure!

We also made a blueberry cobbler with the fresh blueberries we picked. I told you I did some baking! Fruit, vegetables, and baked goods were my diet this weekend. Its all about balance right? I even got in a quick run and burpee/plank circuit in after church.

Ooo and look what else I got. I have a dslr camera, a video waterproof camera, and my iphone camera. But I don’t have a nice pocket size one I can carry at the same time as 2 kids and a diaper bag. Happy early birthday to me!


Thanks Dave!


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  1. Fresh figs turned into real fig newtons? You are so awesome! Your girls are never going to forget spending time with their mommy in the kitchen. Have a great week!

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