WIAW and a Circuit Workout


I feel like my eating in the summer is all over the place. Its either so healthy and packed with all of the fresh local produce available or its BBQ and dessert foods. Today was a good example. My lunch consisted of all fresh produce plus an ice cream sundae.

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: 2 cups grape nut flakes, 2 cups cheerios, 1.5 cups skim milk

Lunch: salad with goat cheese, 1 green pepper, honey mustard dressing. Cream Cheese wrapped in smoked salmon. 1 cup cheeries. An ice cream sundae.

Alyssa has her end of the summer reading program ice cream party today. My 3 1/2 year old read for 12 hours over the last 4 weeks all by herself! I can’t believe how well she reads. Girl wanted that ice cream party!

Snack: 1 cup 2% cottage cheese plus 1 massive local peach. My new favorite thing to eat! Local peaches are SO much better its amazing.


Dinner: 7 oz new york strip steak, 1.5 corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, homemade cornbread with a little butter.


Snack: 3 homemade almond coconut cookies and 1 hershey kiss.

The cookies were made to take with us to a beach party tomorrow for my husband’s squadron. The ingredients were almonds, coconut, and a very small amount of honey and coconut oil. They turned out great. A hearty filling cookie that would be a great snack or even breakfast really. With 2 Tbs of honey between 15 cookies, I think that’s healthy enough to be breakfast worthy.

After dinner I was planning on going for a run. That was until I heard a loud noise and looked out to see my outside table had blown over, with my umbrella attached. It was blowing so hard in one direction I couldn’t even tip it back upright. The trees were literally touching the ground from being bent over so far from the wing. Considering I was going to run pushing a double stroller, I would have literally not been able to move in that wind. So what did we do instead? Baked cookies of course! At least I got in a quick circuit workout after the girls were in bed. It felt great and I expect to be sore tomorrow.

100 on down

And just because, here is my little reading machine showing me her split. How are kids so flexible?


Is anyone else’s summer eating all over the place or is it just me?

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  1. Haha baking cookies instead of running…if you mix the dough by hand it could double as a mini workout:) I was going to go to a spinning class last Friday but somehow ended up eating a hamburger instead…in no way is that a ‘mini workout.’ 🙂

    But your circuit looks great and I’d love to do that especially when I’m not feeling like driving to the gym/feeling unmotivated in general. What are flutter kicks?

    • I could go for a burger right about now, even though its 10 pm!
      I have been living off at home circuit workouts since having my second baby. flutter kicks are laying on your back, hold feet about 12 inches above ground, and kicking feet up and down. Ok that was a bad explanation, heres a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANVdMDaYRts. Although in this video it looks like he counts 4 kicks as 1, i only count 2 kicks as 1.

  2. I definitely do that with lunch… eat something light, like salad, so I can have a treat soon after when Lil takes her nap. And I’ve been all over the place too… some good, pretty clean days, and some where I can’t stop snacking on anything and everything!

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