My Munchkin’s Dinner


I see dinner as a time for the entire family to sit down and enjoy good food together. There is no tv or answering cell phones, just a time for us all to sit and talk around the table. Although the kids and I eat all 3 meals at the table this way, dinner includes Dave, which is nice for some adult conversation. We all eat dinner every night around 6. Although it often gets pushed as late as 730 depending on when Dave leaves work. If he isn’t going to make it home until really late, we usually eat around 530 since theres no reason to hold off and then I will sit with him when he gets home and eats. I know many couples wait until their kids go to bed to eat but I like to make it a family affair. It’s a nice time to all sit and enjoy each other. Plus since my kids go to bed on the later side (815-830), and theres no way I could wait that late to eat. Since Dave gets home late, the kids go to bed later and sleep in later so he gets a chance to spend some time with them in the evenings.

For dinner I usually make a meat, vegetable, and whole grain. Sometimes we have 2 vegetables, usually one starchy one and one non-starchy one. Again, whatever I make Dave and I, the kids eat it too. This also helps force me make healthy meals for Dave and I since I only want healthy whole foods in my babies growing bodies (fyi:Cassidy is 11 months and Alyssa is 3 1/2).

Some of our dinner this last week were:

Steak (shredded pretty small for cassidy), corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, and whole grain corn muffins. I am posting the corn muffin recipe tomorrow.


Meatloaf, roasted asparagus, parmesan millet

Chicken and zucchini enchiladas with homemade sauce and topped with greek yogurt and avocado. This is a new recipe and my kids devour it. Alyssa actually ate twice what was on her plate.


Rosemary dijon chicken over brown rice with broccoli

Crockpot whole chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, more corn muffins

White turkey chili with whole wheat baguette

And leftovers one night.

Cassidy has her oatmeal cereal mixed with beastmilk around 730. Alyssa has a snack sometimes around then too. Tonight she had a little bit of popcorn in the stroller while I ran. She will also have a cookie or some banana bread if I baked it for dessert that night.

I look forward to dinner time every night and hope its something we can continue to do as the kids get older and their schedules get crazy.


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  1. Awesome! Love your tradition to eat at the table. Once Lula knows what’s going on and is eating what we eat, we plan on doing the same thing. That’s how I was raised and I believe that it is very important.

  2. The enchiladas sound wonderful! My kids love enchiladas and we eat them all the time- have you posted the recipe anywhere? I also make my own homemade sauce, which is good, but I think it could be better so I’d love to see yours.

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