A Cereal Making Weekend


Its no secret at this point I have a cereal addiction. And I am only partly kidding. If I have oatmeal for breakfast more than one day in a row, I seriously crave cereal and usually end up having it for a snack or lunch. It is the one processed food I still eat a decent amount of. I figured it was something that I couldn’t make at home because I had never heard of making your own breakfast cereal. I searched the internet for recipes and really didn’t find much. So I got to work with the trial and error method. Worse comes to worse, I get to eat the cereal that didn’t hold together, darn. I had pretty good success though, everything I tired was pretty good.  I have a feeling I won’t be buying boxed cereal much anymore.

Lets see, I made mock Recees Peanut Butter Puffs.


Raisin Bran Crunch with coconut


And golden grahams


The golden grahams were my favorite. Maybe its because they took the least amount of tweaking since I already have a graham cracker recipe I love so I didn’t have to completely start from scratch. I modified that recipe and this turned out great!


Over the course of the weekend I made 2 batches each of peanut butter puffs and graham cracker crunch, and one batch of crunchy raisin bran with coconut. They were small batches (since they were in the testing phase) but that was still roughly 25 servings of cereal. I THINK I still have enough leftover for us all to eat a couple bowls for breakfast tomorrow. That’s how much cereal I “tested” this weekend. I also had 2 other little mouths that helped me test quite a bit too. I think the peanut butter puffs actually made a better straight out of the jar snack than cereal. They were like tiny crunchy peanut butter cookie balls.

The only problem I have with the recipes is that they arent getting as puffy and airy as the store bought kind. I have used a little baking powder and baking soda but it doesn’t seem to help. I am thinking that may just be the case since its homemade and not pressurized and expelled out of a machine that blasts air into the cereal. From what I’ve been reading, all cereals, even organic, are made using an expeller machine which denatures the proteins in the cereals and leaves byproducts of toxins. So I will take slightly denser cereal over toxins.

You would think making all that cereal, I wouldn’t have baked anything else all weekend. But I baked some brownies with a peanut butter fudge icing to take to an evening at the park with my husbands squadron Sunday night. That fudge on top was pretty darn good. I made the brownies semi healthy so I could go all out with the frosting.


As if I really needed to make more breakfast food, I also made some waffles. I wanted to play around with the idea of soaking my grains before using them. I am usually a pancake person over waffle but I think that’s because they are too dry usually. These were not dry at all and they were gluten free. I used oats and millet as my flours.


I did do one thing that didn’t include cooking this weekend. I am currently in the middle of a bittersweet project. I am making decorations for Cassidy’s first birthday party. How in the heck is my baby girl 1 already?


They party is a lollipop theme and this is her happy birthday banner in process. I already made a lollipop pinata from paper mache and tissue paper. Although it is a massive pinata and hard as a rock so I think I may have to let some of the adults take a whack. I am sure I will have plenty of takers on that one!

Does anyone soak their grains before using them?

Any ideas as to how to add some puff or air to my peanut butter puffs?


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    • I didnt realize it was processed that way either, I kind of wish I didnt find out because now I don’t feel good feeding it to my family but we love it, haha! Guess my cereal making will continue!

  1. Love your recipes!:) are you planning on posting the cereal ones? We love it over here too, but I didn’t know you could make it!

    • I am planning on posting them! I just want to give them one more test run through and measure things out well to make sure I post the exact measurements and cooking times! The way we go through cereal, it won’t be long 🙂

  2. Hi, I know this post is from last year, but i found it on a Google search for “homemade cereal” Yours was near the top! I LOVE the “Golden Grahams” cereal idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think to make that myself. I too have been looking into the health dangers in store bought cereal. Also, lots of companies, such as Kelloggs, (who owns Kashi), support Monsanto. Being a family farmer, I can NOT support any company that supports Monsanto. SO…. I am now forced to make my own cereal. I refuse to feed my family poison (If I can help it!) I can’t wait to try this out! I think I will put it in my food dehydrator since my oven is always in use. Thank you for your beautiful blog!

    • I need a dehydrator! I just turn my oven really low and crack it open to dehydrate but I need to bite the bullet and buy a nice dehydrator. And that gives me an idea to give my husband for my upcoming birthday present 🙂

      • Food dehydrators are the best! I found my at the thrift store, NEW in the box! I make fruit roll ups, dried milk powder, dried fruit, jerky, dog treats, I think you can even make powdered eggs! I think it would be a lovely gift to receive! I know if I didn’t already have one, I would most definitely ask for one!

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