Weekend Wrapup 8/5


My weekend was the perfect combination of calm but productive.

Alyssa participated in a summer reading program and was one of the top 15 readers in the program, with over 1000 minutes in 1 month! She read every single one of those minutes all by herself. We went to the library so she could get all her prizes. One prize she picked out were some giraffe chopsticks. So naturally we came home and made tofu fried rice for dinner. She used one of her prizes to pick out a pair for me too, sweet girl!


I also crocheted a baby blanket for Cassidy’s first birthday. Which by the way, I am in complete denial about…how is my baby almost 1?? I am that paranoid mom that won’t let my babies sleep with anything in their crib at all until they are 1. And then it has to be a blanket with lots of air holes so there isnt a suffocation risk. I know, I admitted I am paranoid. When I start a project, I become obsessed until I finish it. Dave hates it because I literally won’t do anything until its complete. Well I started her blanket friday night and was finished Saturday night at midnight. I am a speed crocheter.


Cassidy seemed to like it so far. She grabbed it to play peek-a-boo while I was snapping a picture.


We made homemade whole wheat pasta, portioned it out, and froze it for easy future use.


And of course we used some right away for some homemade sweedish meatballs and peas.


When I get the sewing bug, I get the bug. I tend to sew a lot for a week or so and then won’t sew at all for a month. Well this is the week apparently. I made the girls lollipop shirts for their joint birthday party next weekend. It’s going to be a lollipop theme. I actually made the shorts a couple weeks ago and it had a different shirt to match but it ended up being too much going on with all the contrasting fabrics. I bought some little leggings to match the shirts so they still get use.


Anytime I get to spend with these babies is perfect…


Oh and some really exciting news is that I get to pick up my first CSA box tomorrow!! I am so excited, I have never been a part of a CSA before. It’s a good thing I have a fresh produce addiction to balance out my dessert addiction!


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  1. You started the blanket Friday and finished it Saturday? You are amazing! I love it! The purple is an excellent choice! We are the same way- no blankets in Lula’s crib until it seems like she really needs one…I would rather dress her in layers than take the risk! Love the coordinating outfits and I am looking forward to hearing all about the birthday party!

    • Yes I am definitely that extra cautious mom. She probably won’t want it for a couple months though since its still 95 degrees out! A crocheted baby jacket is next on my list, I just have to find a couple days where I have nothing going on so I can furiously crochet 🙂

  2. Those are the cutest shirts!! I am the same way with sewing- I can go crazy for a few weeks, and then do nothing at all for months at a time. Aww, one year is kind of bittersweet. Cute blanket! We were the same way about no blankets in the crib that first year.

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