Happy Birthday Cassidy Blaire!


One year ago today started off like this..


And 1 hour and 30 minutes later (birth story here) looked like this…


And soon after we were home as a family of 4. From first contraction to back at home with my new baby was 26 hours…such a crazy and amazing day!


My sweet baby is 1 year old today, Happy Birthday Cassidy Blaire!!! Seriously, this can’t be. It is kind of bittersweet. I know some people don’t love the sleepless infant stage. But I do. I love newborns. And it didn’t hurt that Cassidy starting sleeping 10-12 hours a night at 7 weeks old so we really never dealt with those sleepless nights. I love sweet innocent snuggly sleeping babies. But on the other hand, I love watching Cassidy grow and learn and see her personality forming. She crawls up to me and gives me the biggest slobbery open mouth kisses and I love every single one. I start every day off on the right foot because the first thing I do is walk into her room. She greets me with the biggest smile and her little dimples just melt my heart.


I just wish her hair would have stayed all fuzzy like this forever!


She is seriously the sweetest baby ever. Her personality is definitely changing by the day. My once calm observer is now a mover and a shaker. She still does not walk, but she gets where she needs to at lightening speed crawling. I try to stand her up to let her walk holding my hands and she lifts her feet into the air, refusing to stand. She wants to either crawl or pull up to standing all by herself. Little miss independent. She plays beautifully by herself and is rarely needy. She will crawl around and play (aka take every book off the shelf) for an hour or two in the playroom. It helps that she has her favorite person in the whole world in there playing with her…Alyssa. She loves her big sister. Alyssa really is like her second mommy.

As far as sleeping, she still sleeps 12 hours a night. Sometimes only 11.5 and sometimes 13. Two naps a day totaling another 3-4 hours of sleep. So no complaints here!

Size wise, we have not had her 1 year appointment yet but she is roughly 30.5 inches and 19.5 lbs. She is starting to fill out a little bit and isn’t as much of a string bean anymore.

As far as eating goes, she is starting to eat a lot of solids. She eats a good sized breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and usually an evening snack as well. This means she is nursing a lot less. She still nurses 5 times a day, but she doesn’t nurse for long at most feedings. Now that she is 1, people keep asking me when I am going to wean her. Honestly I haven’t really thought about it yet. 12 months kind of snuck up on me and I have not remotely began to wean her. My first step will be to stop pumping every morning and I hope to do that soon so I am free of the pump (especially since she doesn’t even drink a bottle, I just use it for her oatmeal cereal). After that I will probably drop 1 feeding relatively soon because she doesn’t usually nurse much at one of her afternoon feedings. Besides that, I think I will just follow her lead. With Alyssa, I felt the pressure to wean her shortly after 1, so I stopped by 14 months. I don’t feel that pressure with Cassidy and I don’t care if someone thinks its weird I still nurse my 1 year old. She may nurse until 18 months, and that’s fine with me.

A day in her eating, Munchkin Meals, ONE year old edition Smile

Breakfast: 1/2 local organic pear, 1/4 cup oatmeal made with breast milk


Lunch: 1/2 organic local pear, baked okra from our CSA box, cheese, grilled chicken.

Dinner:  1/4 grilled cheese, fresh tomato salad, watermelon


Snack: small piece of oatmeal banana bread

She nurses about 45 minutes before each meal, before her afternoon nap, and before bed.

Happy birthday to the most amazing sweet baby girl! I am so incredibly lucky and am beyond blessed to have added Cassidy to our family 1 year ago. Life is great!


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  1. Happy birthday Cassidy! I can’t believe how fast the first year goes. She’s such a cutie.

    How many teeth does she have? I see you gave her the grilled cheese whole & not cubed up. Lyric (almost 11 mo) still doesn’t have teeth & I’m getting so bored of finger foods!

    The standing thing sounds so familiar, Lyric will not stand at all when I try to get her to. Just lifts her legs up and crosses her ankles. Little stinker!

    I hope you post about your experience with weaning, I’d like to begin thinking about it and I feel so lost…

    • she gnaws at the grilled cheese and doesnt really use her teeth to take actual bites but it all gets down. We also do chicken and cheese quesadillas and she gnaws at those. Sometimes i rip it up for her. She has 2 bottom, 1 full top, and 1 other top one that just came thru. “they” say teeth don’t matter though as far as eating, that gums do the job jsut as good as teeth. And you’re lucky she doesnt have teeth for nursing purposes. I have 2 lttle top teeth marks on me after every time I nurse her!

  2. Happy birthday to her! What a sweet smile. And I love that fuzzy hair! I’m super jealous of what an amazing sleeper she is. So nice for you! Enjoy your special day with her. 🙂

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