A Lollipop Party


Over the weekend we had a joint birthday party for my girls. Even though Alyssa isn’t 4 for another month, I figure I’d save myself some time and money and have them one party. I am in serious denial my kids are already 1 and 4.


I made them their outfits to coordinate with the lollipop theme. I often smock dresses instead but since Cassidy still refuses to walk, its too hard for her to crawl around in a dress. And shorts are just easier for Alyssa to run around and play in. But I loved their coordinating number shirts, shorts, and bows. Having two little girls is so much fun!


We actually had their party at my moms house this year so my whole family didn’t have to travel down to NC.


I am still trying to figure out how I am going to get all their presents home. I have some lucky and spoiled little girls for sure!


One of the parts I love about throwing their birthday parties is making their cake. I have made a pink and green polka dot and stripe cake, a monkey cake, and a princess cake to go with the theme each year. This year was lollipops and I really loved how it turned out.


It was half vanilla half chocolate filled with strawberries and cream and covered in chocolate buttercream. I decorate with fondant but don’t cover the whole cake in it. I don’t like the way it tastes and the weird texture. Although it makes the cake look smooth and a little prettier, I opt for taste over appearance.


I also made each girl their own little lollipop shaped cake. I was a bad picture taker and didn’t get an upclose shot. I also didn’t take a picture of the happy birthday banner I made or the homemade pinata. My friends were making fun of my calling me Martha (Stewart). I love making things from scratch and creating. And Alyssa loves helping me with it all so it becomes a special time for the two of us as well. She is my “big helper” as she says. And she really is.

Cassidy decided that she would use her foot to help her smash her cake up.


She ate a little bit, but was more interesting in throwing it on the ground to the dog. Give the kid a plate of fruit though and it will disappear in seconds flat. I am sure that will change and she will like dessert as she gets older (she is my child afterall) but for now she doesn’t really like bread type carbs.

I wish I had taken a nice picture of the pinata. That thing was hardcore. It was so hard to break we had my cousin do it eventually. The kids couldn’t break it. Then my uncle tried to rip it apart to dump the candy and it took quite a bit of muscle. They were saying I should start making pinatas and selling them for teenagers/college kids parties. A little flour and boiled water plus old newspapers. Who knew it could turn into cement!

For food we made burgers, crockpot mac n cheese, veggies and hummus, fruit salad, bacon ranch cheeseball (recipe to come later this week), cake and ice cream, and cake pops.

We had a great party and everyone, including the girls, had a wonderful time with family and friends! I love throwing parties and getting to create decorations, clothes, food, and cakes. It is so much fun. I guess my next creative project is going to be making the girls Halloween costumes. I still can’t decide what I want them to be. I want them to be something that goes together (like Minnie Mouse and Daisy) but I am drawing a blank. Any ideas?


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  1. That cake is beautiful!!! Seriously phenomenal. I can’t believe you did it all from scratch. I’m big on homemade everything too but I can guarantee you my cupcakes will never look that professional! Want to come to CO & bake for me??? 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I have never done cupcakes actually but am going to try for the first time for Alyssa’s mini party back in NC with all her friends. And I am sure your cupcakes will be great! I’d love to come to CO, never been 🙂

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