Quick Healthy Meals for Toddlers


All of my kids meals are quick and easy to make. So why is it that I feel like I spend all day cooking and cleaning up the kitchen? I guess since I do love to cook I end up baking mid-day quite often, so I can’t blame the kids. We eat similar foods most days and just try and aim for mostly fruits and vegetables with some protein and carbs in there as well.

Breakfast quickies:

cottage cheese or yogurt and peaches

Breastmilk with oatmeal cereal, 2 tbs greek yogurt, 1 tsp flax seed


homemade cereal and fruit

smoothies with almond milk, fruit, spinach, and ground flax seed


cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit (if we didn’t have it for breakfast)


1/2 grilled cheese and frozen vegetables

leftovers (at least half of the time we eat leftovers. A balanced healthy meal pre-cooked, sounds good to me!)


roasted veggies…most days I freshly roast some vegetables if we don’t have any leftover.


I make dinner at home every night and the kids eat what I eat. For breakfast and lunch we kind of eat a mish mosh of foods but dinner is much more planned and not as random. We eat as a family at the table every night. Last night it was homemade turkey joes on whole wheat buns and green beans.

Snacks: our quick snacks are pretty much always fruit. Sometimes homemade granola bars. Cassidy is a fruit addict and I think she would eat it until she made herself sick if I didn’t cut her off.


Preparing ahead is the name of the game when you have kids. So make a little extra dinner every night and lunch is done for the next day! So its turkey joes and green beans for lunch today. You don’t have to rely on frozen chicken nuggets and chips, it is just as fast to heat up healthy leftovers.

Random story: we were at a playdate yesterday and there were some lays BBQ chips on the table. Alyssa already ate lunch of fruit, broccoli, chicken, and blueberry muffin. She came up to me and said “Can I have some of those chips, I’ve never had them and don’t know what they taste like”. Another mom started laughing and was like “yea right sweetie, you trying to pull one over on your mom huh?”. But she was serious. She hadnt ever had them. She has had tortilla chips and has tried chips at parties before, but not those. We have not had a bag of chips in our house in years. She had one, said it was ok, and went on playing. I really believe you form their tastes very young, and moments like that just reinforce my feeding them so healthy.


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  1. We always have dinner leftovers for lunch the next day! It’s so much easier.

    That story is funny. Reminds me of my childhood. My mom made all our baked goods from scratch and I remember I was at a birthday party (age 4-5) and I tasted the cake and then asked my mom, “What’s WRONG with it?!”. She said “It’s not homemade.”. I guess that Crisco frosting really grossed me out!

    • oh i totally agree with you. I LOVE pretty much any homemade dessert and have zero self control around it. But I usually have 1 bite of non-homemade cake or cookies and throw the rest in the trash. Good thing I love to bake!

  2. Yay for healthy kids!! You listed some great tips. Prepping is such a help. On our busy days, we use the crock pot a lot, too. And we also eat tons of fruit for snacks!

  3. Leftovers are our lifesaver, even though our 6.5 month old isn’t eating them yet. My husband and I usually make 2 large recipes a week, and just reheat them for dinners. We’d never have time to cook from scratch every night!

    • I know some people hate leftovers and won’t eat them. My mom is like that and it pains me when I go to her house and see her throw out all that food. I am the leftover queen! I eat them until they are gone, I don’t care how many times I have to eat them…just that many less times I am cooking!

  4. I love that story! I agree with you so much! It’s important to start when they are young when it comes to eating. Growing up, my parents didn’t do that. I don’t begrudge them at all for that…..I know they did the best they could. And things were quite different in the 80’s…;) But, as an adult, it really did set the foundation of my eating habits. And they were bad! I don’t have any children, but I have a niece and nephew and any time that I have them, we are eating healthy. 🙂 Great post!

    • I didnt eat all too healthy growing up, I ate my fair share of fruity pebbles, poptarts, and chicken nuggets. We never ate out though so I guess that helped a lot in the health department and we always had frozen or canned veggies at dinner. But now a days our meals revolve around vegetables and fruit and making all things from scratch. I really hope it paves a good path for my girls. Its so tricky raising little girls and teaching them healthy body image and balance.

    • see our highchair is not easy to clean at all actually so its a pain in the butt. It looks nice, is wooden, and matches our decor, but its not as practical as the plastic ones that wipe down so easily. We go in waves with cottage cheese. I’ll buy it 4 weeks in a row then will tire of it and wait a couple weeks.

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