What I Ate out of my CSA Box


Monday nights are like Christmas for me with the pickup of my CSA box every week. I  could seriously live off produce (and dessert) alone! This week my box had the standard produce for the season.


3 eggplant

1 seedless watermelon

6 ears of corn

8 red potatoes

1 carton yellow cherry tomatoes

2 large tomatoes

2 peppers

large bag of okra (eaten before picture was taken, I couldn’t help myself)

I usually use some of the produce right away monday night (which is why the okra was unpictured) and then come Tuesday it’s a free for all and I go nuts.

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: 7 greek yogurt pancakes. Eaten in the car without syrup on the way to Alyssa’s first ballet/tap class (SO cute!)


Lunch: leftover grilled chicken (1 drumstick, 1/2  a breast), 1 cup steamed okra, veggie chips, and a tomato mozzarella sandwich.


Snack: the entire watermelon (filled a 7 cup container) and a piece of toast with peanut butter.


Dinner: salmon, roasted potatoes, and corn on the cob


Dessert: Handful of chocolate covered pretzels and some chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top


So lets see out of my CSA box came the okra, watermelon, tomato, potatoes, and corn.  Not too shabby. I actually had to refrain myself from making some hummus and using the peppers to scoop it up. I ran on the treadmill last night after I put the girls to bed and even though I had a large snack afterwards before bed, it always leaves me starving the next day.

And who wants to see my sweet ballerina (and her new dance bag I made her over the weekend)?




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  1. I hear you- fresh veggies and dessert are all I need, too! 🙂 Your little dancer is the cutest… and I love that bag! So impressive.

    • thank you, I was quite happy with it for an hour and a half naptime project! I think I am going to make one for each activity so her things are all organized and together and we aren’t scrambling to find her shinguards on the way out to practice.

  2. Goodness I love your large appetite! Does it stay as crazy when you’re not nursing? That’s the one thing I’m going to really miss, bring able to stuff my face!

    I think I should join a CSA, I feel like I buy so much produce each week but it goes so quickly.

    • my appetite has actually calmed down a lot since i am no longer pumping and she isnt eat much at each feeding, but yes I do seem to eat more than average not nursing as well. I see what some of these bloggers eat on what I ate wednesday and I would starve to death, haha! My appetite was out of control eating 4500 calories a day between my baby’s ags of 3-10 months old. I had to get extra testing done on my thyroid while pregnant because it was overactive (fast metabolism), I have never gotten it tested not pregnant, so it may just always be a litte overactive. Although I do think I need to start adjusting my portions since Cassidy is starting to wean herself!
      I highly reccomend a CSA, I LOVE it!

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