Reusable Sandwich Baggie Tutorial


The school year has officially started. This is the first time I have ever had to pack a lunch and I am pretty excited about it! I thought of all the plastic baggies I would be using and decided to invest in some reusable ones. I figured I might as well buy some for my husband’s lunches as well. Besides the fact that they cost about 10 bucks each, most of them had waterproof lining which is questionable about touching your food. They are PBA free and made of “food safe” plastic materials like PUL and nylon but I read up on the fabrics and terms like “chemical leaching” popped up. I decided I would just line my bags with organic cotton. Its not waterproof, but it is washable so as long as I don’t put something slimy or gooey in the bag, we should be good. I feel a lot better about my daughter’s food touching organic cotton than a synthetic waterproof plastic. I also chose a zipper because I read reviews that crumbs got all stuck in the velcro. I have already used these for homemade fruit rollups, graham crackers, crackers, and trail mix (without melty chocolate). After a use, just shake out the crumbs and you are ready to use again. If there is a mess or leaking of a sandwich, just throw in the washer and dryer.

I made 6 total and it only took me about 2 naptimes. Everything is measured in how many naptimes something will take me, that’s valuable time.

What you’’ll need:

(1) 8.5 inch by 16 inch piece of outside fabric (cotton)

(1) 8.5 by 16 inch piece of inside fabric (undyed organic cotton or PUL or nylon if you want the waterproof)

(1) 7 inch coordinating zipper

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric.

Sew right sides together of outside and inside fabrics along the longer 16 inch sides using 1/4 inch seam allowance. If you have a serger, finish the edges.

Turn right side out. Sew shorts edges together. if you have a serger, just serge across. If you don’t, fold both pieces towards the inside 1/4 inch and sew down.


Fold in half right sides together. Pin where the zipper will start and stop. It will be 7 inches between the pins. Sew from edge of fabric to pin. So you should only be sewing about a 1/2 inch section. This will make the opening for the zipper.


Sew in zipper according to instructions on zipper package. If you are not a big seamstress and don’t want to fool with a zipper then add velcro. Iron under 1/2 inch on each edge and sew along edge. Sew velro on using a zig zag stitch.


You should now have the bag all together besides the sides.

Pin sides closed (inside fabrics together!) and sew down both sides. I know you usually sew right sides together and then flip it inside out to get a more finished look. I tried this with one bag, but it was just too thick to sew through. The edges are already finished so it still looks nice to just sew them together.


Voila. A reusable sandwich bag for just a couple bucks. I tried to make mine gender neutral so my husband could take them to work as well. Although if his lunch gets packed in that pretty pink one, he’ll just have to suffer the comments from his fellow Marines. Hey, at least his wife packed him a nice healthy homemade lunch!


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  1. LOVE this idea- you are so creative! This might be the motivation I need to haul my sewing machine out from storage… I was just looking at reusable baggies on amazon last week and cringing at how expensive they are. So far, I try to use mostly containers when packing lunches, and we wash and re-use our plastic baggies when we do use them… but these are awesome!!

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