My “Baby” is 4!


Today my sweet “baby” girl is 4 years old! I seriously can’t believe it. Time truly does fly! It makes me feel so old to have a school age child. I would seriously be lost in life without Alyssa (and Cassidy of course). She is the sweetest, smartest, determined 4 year old I have ever met. Last night I filled her room with balloons so she would see them when she woke up. As I was putting them in there around 1130 at night, she opened her eyes and got a huge smile on her face. She closed her eyes again, she couldn’t hold them open, but her big smile stayed on her face. She said “oh thank you Mommy for my happy birthday balloons, I just love them”. And drifted back to sleep still smiling. It made my day! It certainly made the fact that I just spent 30 minutes getting light headed blowing up a room full of balloons totally worth it!

We woke up and we ate the banana bread muffins I made for her at midnight last night. I topped them with cream cheese mixed with homemade blueberry jelly for a purple “icing”. They were her breakfast “cupcakes”. You can see them in the bottom right corner, Cassidy was trying to steal it!


We sang happy birthday with some candles in her cupcake, changed her into her yellow smocked birthday party dress, opened a couple presents, then dropped her off at preschool.

I had a summer birthday and I always wished it was during the school year so I could be the birthday girl at school who got to bring all the other kids homemade cupcakes. I was so excited to make her class cupcakes but her teacher said they don’t allow it. Now I am the mom of a kid with food allergies so if that was the reason I would totally understand. However, Alyssa is the only kid in the class with allergies, but that’s not the reason anyway. She said its because it gets too messy with the kids wanting to just lick the icing off the cupcake and not eating the cake part. She gave me an approved list of treats I could bring in (donuts, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, bars, rice krispie treats, cookies). Seriously, an ice cream sandwich? They are so messy! The chocolate part sticks all over your fingers and ice cream drips. I really don’t get how cupcakes wouldn’t be better. Oh well. I made rice krispie treats, with the tops dipped in chocolate, and topped with sprinkles.

After I pick up Lys from preschool, the rest of the day will be spent playing a few games at chuck e cheese, getting froyo, watching a movie (The newest Shrek from redbox) with popcorn while Cassidy takes her afternoon nap, then going to a squadron function tonight where she will get to play with 2 of her best friends. And of course a couple more presents. I love my kids’ birthdays!

And now, while Cassidy naps and Lys is at school I am off to bake some more homemade cheezits for her preschool snack this week. So simple, 3 ingredients, 100% whole grain, and tastes exactly like cheezits without the fillers and junk! I will post the recipe soon!


Happy birthday to my beautiful big 4 year old baby!! I love her more than life itself!


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  1. Happy (belated) birthday to Alyssa! What a great day you planned for her- it’s so awesome how much you do for your daughters. And whoa- a three ingredient Cheez-It recipe? I can’t wait to see the recipe!

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