Fruit Roll Up Recipe


Alyssa has officially started Pre-K. When I thought about being a mom, I always envisioned myself making my kids awesome homemade lunches and feeling good about what I sent them to school with. Well that time is upon me and I am so excited! I know, this excitement won’t last long but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t feed my kids fruit snacks and packaged cookies. They have never had a fruit roll up, tasty cake, or anything little debbie. However I am sure many of the kids in her class will be bringing all the above in their snack (only a half day so it’s a snack and not a full lunch). I am hoping Alyssa doesn’t see what they have and want that nasty processed food over her carrots and hummus I will be packing her for some snacks. I figured I’d meet her half way and make her some “kid food” to take occasionally. The first day of school calls for something special for sure! I made her fruit by the foot that is 100% fruits and veggies and NO sugar! She also has some homemade graham crackers in her homemade reusable snack baggie…And yes, I know, I am going a little nuts here!

Fruit roll ups/Fruit by the Foot

makes 4-5

1 pear, cut up, skin on

1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

2 cups fresh spinach


Put all ingredients in a pot and simmer for 5-10 minutes until fruit is softened and spinach is wilted.


Pour off juice into a cup. Don’t throw this away! Add some ice and drink it or add it to a smoothie. Don’t lose all those good nutrients. I drank the juice right on the spot. Well I planned on it. I let Alyssa have a sip and 2 seconds later it was gone. She said “I just couldn’t help myself Mommy”.

Puree the fruit and spinach.


Spread the puree out thinly on a silpat baking sheet. It should be as thin you can get it without seeing the silpat through it.


Bake at the lowest setting your oven has (mine was 170) for 5-7 hours. Put a small metal spoon or something heat proof to prop the oven door open a little to keep air flow. I left it open during naptimes but had to close it for a couple hours while Cassidy was awake and it worked just fine. Or you could use a dehydrator if you have one.

After a few hours when it is all set but not quite finished, cut it into desired pieces and spread apart a little so it cooks evenly. Otherwise the edges will be finished before the center. You could also just check it occasionally and cut the edges off and remove from oven as they are finished (that’s what I did the first time and it led to me eating all the edges as I took them out of the oven leaving me with 1 fruit roll up to pack Alyssa).

Either slice it into quarters and roll in wax paper or cut into 1 inch strips and roll up like a fruit by the foot in wax paper.


Place a little piece of tape on the end to hold it together.


Both kids tear these things up! Use whatever fruits you want. Peaches work well, as do strawberries. I haven’t used any other vegetable besides spinach though but be creative.

Too bad Alyssa only goes to school 3 times a week…I have so many ideas for “kid snack” makeovers. Cheeze Its are next (and they were goood!)


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  1. I just saw another recipe for these and have them on my list to try– they look awesome. I love that you threw spinach in there, too! 🙂

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