Picnic Lunch Options


I love the theme of Munchkin Meals this week…picnic lunches. We eat picnic lunches all the time. Dave works about 5 minutes from home and we meet him at the park on base to eat and play for a couple minutes on days he can get away for lunch. We also end up eating lunch on the go sometimes, like today, if we end up running errands after picking up Alyssa from preschool around lunch time. I usually go one of 3 routes for lunches away from home:

ONE: Today, we had smoothies…the best portable healthy meal there is. In today’s smoothies was

1/2 cup milk (some whole, some breastmilk) plus a little extra if needed to thin it out

2 cups spinach

1 Tbs flax seeds

3/4 cup frozen fruit

1 organic yotoddler yogurt

all put in the magic bullet and split between the 2 girls…fruit, veg, protein, healthy fats…check! They also split a bagel thin for some whole grain.

IMG_7298 IMG_7297

TWO: Snack plates like veg and hummus, homemade fruit roll ups, and homemade cheeze its. Again, a little from each food group.


THREE: The sandwich route. For the kids I usually make grilled cheeses with sharp cheddar on whole wheat bread (not the “cheese food” kraft singles). They are cooled down by the time we eat them at the park which is a good thing because then the cheese is cooled and holds the sandwich together. Warm grilled cheeses are too messy but cheese sandwiches (not grilled) don’t stay together. Cooled grilled cheese is where its at for kids. We will pair that with some carrots and cut up fruit usually.

I pretty much just try and hit every food group. Protein usually is in the form of cheese, yogurt, or hummus though since meat just isn’t as easy to pack. Although we usually get our protein from those sources when we are home for lunch as well and save meat for dinnertime.

We are actually going to pack a lunch today and enjoy it at the park, weather permitting!


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  1. Great ideas! I still need to try those fruit roll ups… they look so good! I don’t think my daughter even knows what they are yet. 🙂 Hope you get out for your picnic! It’s actually still too hot here to do lunch outside, averages in September are still around 90… but we’re nearing picnic season!

  2. By the way, I just posted about a menu planning link up challenge, and if it’s something you’re interested in, I’d love for you to join us! We’ll be linking up on Sundays, starting Sept 30.

  3. I can’t believe I still haven’t made smoothies for H yet. It’s a great idea and one I may have to utilize often if she doesn’t start liking milk more!

    • I just recently started with Cassidy since she always begs for mine and Alyssa’s. If Hailey doesnt like milk you could always use almond or coconut milk, we use those in smoothies often instead of cows milk.

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