What I Baked Wednesday


Joining a CSA this fall has been such a great experience. I love that we get different veggies each week and it helps me have a starting point for meal planning. I also love that its all local, so its much fresher than produce from the grocery store. This is my last week I will receive my CSA box but they sure did go out with a bang! This week’s box was the best yet! It didn’t have any fruit in it however, so I stopped by the organic market to pick up a couple apples, bananas, grapes, and eggs. Those 4 things cost me almost $16. It was hard to fork up the cash when I just got all this produce the night before for only $20…


2 butternut squash

2 cucumbers

2 bell peppers

3 large banana peppers

3 jalapeño peppers

4 squash

2 cucumbers

6 sweet potatoes

3 tomatotes,

1 eggplant

1 huge bag of okra

2 huge bags of green beans

a bottle of homebrewed strawberry cider (!)


I bought a bottle of sparking water and have been making mocktails with the strawberry cider. I drink so much water that every once in a while I want to drink something with some more taste or fizz. We don’t drink soda or juice in our house but this was the perfect treat!

So far today I ate a butternut squash, bag of green beans, and some cider. Honestly, I was too busy snacking on my baking endeavors and my amazing veggies kind of took a backseat. Tomorrow its game on with the veg box!

Cassidy napped today from 1230-415. So I had almost 4 hours to kill. She is now taking only 1 nap a day on days we are busy in the mornings so when we get home she crashes. Although I did notice she was running a little fever when I put her to bed so she may be coming down with something too. I hope its just from the 4 teeth she is currently cutting.

So instead of what I ATE Wednesday, its going to be what I BAKED Wednesday. Although I guess the phrases are interchangeable since I ate some of everything that I baked, even bagel dough. Alyssa helped taste test and stir inbetween coloring and doing her workbooks so we had a nice quiet afternoon.

Peas and Crayons

So, lets see, we made…


2 batches of graham cracker cereal

8 cinnamon raisin bagels

1 loaf of whole wheat/oat bread

whipped pumpkin cream cheese

roasted and pureed a pumpkin

roasted pumpkin seeds

roasted butternut squash seeds

My silpats were worn out by the end of the afternoon!

This was some of the best sandwich bread I have made. Although for some reason as I was ooing and ahhing over how much my dough had risen, I decided to pat it. Why? not a dang clue. I then watched as it deflated, and it wouldm’t rise back up. Seriously, what was I thinking? Anyway, it still turned out with a nice fluffy texture and a nice flavor. Definitely saving and posting that recipe soon. I like that’s its made with whole wheat flour and oat flour, gives a lighter texture I think.

I will freeze the extra bagels (after I cook them in the morning. They have to sit in the refrigerator overnight). The cereal will be breakfast some days and Alyssa requested a baggie of it for her preschool snacks this week. The cream cheese has already been eaten on top of bread at dinner and by the fingerfull. And I foresee some egg and cheese, grilled cheese, and chicken salad between that sandwich bread for lunches.

Between making my own “boxed” items like cereal, bread, and bagels and having my CSA box, I have barely been grocery shopping. I just pick up some dairy and meats and I am all set for the week!

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day, this week is dragging on for me for some reason!


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