Weekend Wrapup and Meal Plan for the Week


We had a pretty low key weekend around here compared to normal. Friday I actually had a night out with the wives in Dave’s squadron. We made jewelery at a local shop although I’m not sure how much I will actually wear the piece I made. It was fun, but not sure if it was worth the 630 am wake up call Saturday morning from Cassidy.


She had a rough time getting to sleep the night before since I always nurse her before bed and no one else had ever put her to bed before. I know I know, shes over a year old. But I am always home at bedtime so I have always just done it. She woke up early just to check if I was here I guess. And I know I am spoiled calling 630 early, but my kids sleep in until 8 or even 830 most days. It made me a little tired for our next activity, a small 5K on base that morning. I was trying out my new Brooks running shoes (which I think I am going to return for a different color, do black shoes make anyone else feet hot?) and pushing both kids in the double stroller. The day after the race, my legs felt fine, but my back and shoulders are SO sore. Its hard pushing 60 + lbs of child plus whatever the stroller itself weighs. I assume I am pushing close to 100 lbs. Hence the sore shoulders. Anyway, we finished in 27:58 so exactly 9 minute miles. Not great, not terrible considering I have been doing more circuit workouts than running lately. It was free to run and included a t-shirt for me and the kids, so all in all a good time.


And of course we have soccer games on both Saturdays and Sundays. A little intense for a kid that just turned 4, right? She has taken the position of goalie and is really good actually. Her defense skills are great, we just won’t talk about offense. She has no interest in offense but put her in the goal and game on. She told me Saturday “I didn’t let any scores in MY goal”. I loved that she called it her goal!

Laura at Mommy Run Fast emailed me about joining their meal planning link up. I usually have a good idea of the meals I am going to make all week so it leads to less impulsive buys at the grocery store which means a healthier and cheaper grocery trip. I also end up going to a couple different grocery stores to get what I need. I get the basics at the commissary, the military grocery store. It is SO much cheaper than any other food store. They now carry organic meats, dairy, and some produce. Although it is getting better with carrying more organic food, I often have to stop by the organic market to pick up what the commissary didn’t have. Usually that’s just some extra fruits and vegetables. ]Some weeks Dave is home, sometimes he’s not, and that makes a huge difference in how much we get. But we made the decision a while ago that healthy whole foods are worth our money. And where I try to watch what I spend, we figure it’s a good investment in our health. This week we plan to have…

Sunday: Dinner at a friends

Monday: Grilled chicken, green beans, brown rice

Tuesday: Homemade pumpkin chili topped with cheese and greek yogurt and side of homemade bread

Wednesday: turkey sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches, fruit salad

Thursday: salmon, cucumber salad, quinoa risotto

Friday: roasted chicken, zucchini, and potato bake

Saturday: butternut squash soup plus any leftovers


Hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up! Your meal plan sounds delicious…especially the pumpkin chili and quinoa risotto… yum! Great job on your 5k, too!!

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