Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween!

We started off our day at Alyssa’s preschool party. I volunteered to help out and was in charge of the fruit. I made some jack o lantern orange cups. I cut off the tops, scooped out the innards, carved the faces, then stuffed them with cut up apples, grapes, cantaloupe, and of course oranges.


Lunch, nap, dinner, then we got dressed for the big night!

Little Mermaid and Sebastian…


I love making their costumes every year! It allows me to be creative and give them costumes no one else has. My cheap side also comes out. I can’t justify paying 40 bucks for a thin cheaply made costume.


Including ping pong ball eyes and red hair spray to complete the looks.


Alyssa probably sprinted 2 miles tonight. All of the other children were in strollers by the end, but of course my energizer bunny finished strong.


When we get home, we go through all our candy, pick out the good stuff, then sit on the front porch and hand the rest back out. I pretty much only chocolate, and the chewy sugary stuff was handed back out. It’s a mix of being healthy and cheap. We don’t need 2 buckets of candy laying around the house and this way I don’t have to buy any either. It works out great. I think I am on like piece 10 of candy though. Candy is something I literally only eat at Halloween. I will eat dessert for sure, but candy just isn’t something we ever buy. My favorites I’ve eaten are Goobers, Baby Ruth, nestle crunch, peanut butter ball, peanut m and ms, and almond joy. Luckily this year all of her candy is bite sized. Not even fun sized, smaller still. There were 5 peanut m and ms in the package and the baby ruth was about a 1 inch square. Perfect so I can sample more. I was really hoping she would have gotten a Take 5 in all that mess, but no luck.


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  1. I LOVE THEIR COSTUMES!!!…the eyes on Cassidy’s head have to be my favorite…hope you used your good camera and got some pics!!!…some good close ups….and the orange treats for school!!!…the kids and teachers must have LOVED them…surely way better than a bunch of grapes!!!!!

  2. Great costumes, Lindsay! I’m so impressed that you made them yourself. Do you put limits on how much candy you let the girls eat? Your system really intrigues me and I was wondering how your girls react to not keeping all of their candy. I would love to do something like that with Lula once she’s old enough to actually trick-or-treat.

    • Cassidy doesn’t get any candy. Out of the candy we kept I will let Alyssa pick one out after dinner for dessert. If i happen to make dessert she can choose between the two. Yesterday she got one after she ate her lunch instead and she didn’t even ask after dinner. I put it in a covered dish over the fireplace so it becomes communal, not just hers, and she kind of forgets about it actually. Halloween night is a different story, she probably got 3 or 4 bite sized pieces, which still paled in comparison to how much I saw other kids eating. To her, 3 pieces of candy was a ton so she was happy!

      • That is really cool- it sounds like she is very good at self-regulating and as I’m starting to notice, what I model to Lula seems to make the biggest impact, and you are an excellent role model for your girls. Thanks for the response- have a great weekend!

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