Burpee Circuit Workout


Circuit workouts have been my thing lately. I feel like its killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I get cardio and lifting in the same amount of time my normal runs take me. I think they have also made my body a little more toned even though I have been working out less overall time.  This is compared to my body while running and doing regular lifting. This circuit is one I did while visiting my mom in Maryland. No weights needed, not even a mat. Just your body weight and a small piece of floor space. Definitely gets the entire body and left me winded and sweaty. Perfect vacation quickie!

burpees countdown

You will end up doing 55 of each exercise total and 10 full minutes of planks. Great for the post baby core strength!

Now if I could only stop eating my kids Halloween candy, these abs may be able to show through a little more…Priorities…


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