My Family’s “Kid Meal”


Tonight was a good night. I was being lazy so dinner took all of 10 minutes to make, it was still pretty healthy, and my kids were obsessed with it. For those of you that have kids you know that those times that dinner is gone within 5 minutes without a single complaint, is one of life’s simple pleasures. This is one of my lazy go to dinner combinations…


Any leftover meat: chicken, meatloaf, etc

Any whole grain: leftover brown rice, homemade pasta from the freezer, quinoa

A can of green beans

Some sort of sauce (olive oil and lemon and Italian seasoning, marinara, white clam, or an ounce or two of cream cheese)

parmesan cheese for topping

Cook pasta if using it. Mix all together in a pot and heat. Done.

Its well balanced with whole grain, protein, and a vegetable. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what combination I do, my kids absolutely love it. I think it’s the canned green beans. It’s the only canned vegetable we eat and its like baby crack. We don’t use them too often, only when I’m feeling lazy. A couple weeks ago I opened a can at lunch. Alyssa got upset I let Cassidy eat some of them. I told her if she really wanted, I would open her up another can if she wanted more after she was done her lunch. She split the one can with Cassidy then requested another can. She ate the entire second can by herself and asked for another! I said no, but then thought maybe I should let her eat as many green beans as she wants? I didn’t know what to do. They are even the organic no salt added ones. Most  kids eat up mac and cheese and hot dogs, but this is our “kid food”, works for me!


At least I put effort into actually using the stove for breakfast and lunch, my WIAW

Breakfast: pumpkin peanut butter oats and decaf coffee

Lunch: leftover chicken, spinach, and cheese omelet. Cottage cheese and pineapple. A couple pieces leftover pumpkin roll

Dinner: homemade fettuccini, green beans, more leftover chicken, with a little white clam sauce and parmesan cheese.

My dinner was so lazy because I have been working nonstop to finish making the girls some matching dresses with Ospreys smocked on them.


My husband is a Marine Corps Osprey pilot and I made the dresses for an event we are going to in a couple weeks. I am so glad I finally finished them.


Now that I should have a little more free time, maybe tomorrow I can make dinner that doesn’t include canned green beans. Although my kids will be disappointed for sure!


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  1. So awesome your girls find green beans from a can a “treat” food- you are raising them well, mama! I can’t believe how long Cassidy’s hair is either! She does not look like a baby anymore! The dresses you made for them are so beautiful- what a great idea.

  2. I should try the canned green beans for L… she is not a fan of fresh ones, but I remember liking the canned better when I was little, for whatever reason.
    Those dresses are gorgeous!

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