Treadmill Circuit Workout


I have been getting bored with straight running lately. Especially inside on the treadmill when its a perfect 60 degrees outside to run in. But one of my best opportunities to workout is while Cassody naps unless I want to push a double stroller and that is starting to be more of an arm/shoulder workout than a run. I still run outside in the evenings but that means I am pushing almost 100 lbs including stroller and kids! I have been incorporating my treadmill into my circuit workouts to fight boredom. It helps get my heart rate up and makes me sweat more. And the sweatier the workout, the more accomplished I feel.

treadmill circuit


And of course my circuit has to be organized by numbers in some way. I could never do .75 miles, 50 plank knees, and 60 scissor kicks. There’s my OCD tendencies kicking in.  Even though for some reason I feel kind of goofy bear crawling across my living room. But every time i do it, my back is nice and sore the next day. I know I am not the only one who loves that feeling of being sore! It makes the workout seem totally worth it. It hurts so good!


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