A Box is Better than a Toy


We had a nice relaxing weekend of family time and getting stuff done around the house.

We put together our new grill over the weekend and of course the grill box was made into Alyssa’s “office”. She colored it and then she and Cassidy played in it all day Sunday. Why is it that kids love anything that is not a toy?


I love that Cassidy is just a little pony tail sticking up in that picture.

We had a lazy day and did not change out of our pjs. Of course this is the day I decide to bring my camera back out of hiding.


And Cassidy looks a little extra rough from the scabs all over her nose, lip, and forehead. Poor girl fell off one step off a friends deck and skidded her face. No bumps or bruises, and she barely cried. It looks way worse than it is and it makes her look so pathetic. But she clearly isn’t bothered!


This left plenty of time for meal planning.

This weeks meal plan I am going easy and simple…I’m not feeling so motivated lately. I am going to include our breakfasts this time too. Lunch is usually a combination of yogurt, leftovers, salads, fruit, trail mix, etc and I never plan them out. But since giving up processed cereals, I have started making breakfast meal plans as well.


Breakfast: Chicken Sausage and Gravy with homemade biscuits and eggs

Dinner: Leftover meatloaf, broccoli, brown rice


Breakfast: Banana bread

Dinner: Leftover turkey, garlic bread on homemade english muffins, steamed mixed vegetables


Breakfast: Stovetop Old fashioned oats with mashed banana, ground flax, cinnamon, and homemade peanut butter

Dinner: Turkey tacos with 100% whole wheat tortillas, avocado, cheese, corn, and grilled peppers.


Breakfast: Turkey sausage, egg, and cheese on homemade english muffins

Dinner: loaded baked potato vegetable soup


Breakfast: Pumpkin greek yogurt pancakes

Dinner: tilapia, roasted garlic dill potatoes, asparagus


Breakfast: Stovetop Old fashioned oats with mashed banana, ground flax, cinnamon, and homemade peanut butter

Dinner: Blue cheese Burgers (on my new grill!), sweet potato fries, green beans


Breakfast: Yogurt and cranberry almond granola

Dinner: Leftover from one of the previous nights

I am glad to have all that planning out of the way. I really like to cook actually, it’s the deciding that I hate. Now I don’t have to think about it for another week!


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  1. Andy and I both had a great weekend and feel good about what got done too!!…thanx for the great meals, conversation and allowing me to over love on my granddaughters(as if there is really such a thing!!)..

  2. I’m so unmotivated to cook this week, too! Keeping it nice and simple… maybe my creativity will be back next week. I love that they had such a good time playing with that box. 🙂

    • I am really looking forward to the holiday parties and family meals coming up so I dont have to cook as much…I think I am just burnt out at the moment so maybe a little break will do me good. I keep saying i am going to go out once a week to give myself a break, but here I am, cooking 7 nights a week as usual for some reason. Its a combination of eating out being unhealthy and expensive!

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