Holiday Fun and Fudge


I love the holiday season with all of the attractions and parties for us to go to. Last night we went on a holiday hayride at a place that makes homemade fudge. It was 73 degrees here today so I figured it would be a perfect night to go. It did not disappoint! Nor did the fudge. I couldn’t make up my mind so I sampled peppermint, peanut butter chocolate, red velvet, coconut, birthday cake, Butterfinger, and white chocolate before settling on butterfinger. It was just pure chocolate with a little crushed butterfinger on top. To me fudge is chocolate and simple and this was the simplest of the flavors.


Luckily the rest of my eating for the day made up for my fudge consumption…

Breakfast: Blueberry Greek yogurt pancakes topped with maybe a Tbs of real maple syrup


Snack: half caf coffee with a little peppermint mocha creamer and part of an apple

Lunch: Beans and greens (times 3, they were good!) , plain greek yogurt topped with crushed pineapple

IMG_7684 IMG_7690

Snack: almonds and chopped dates


Dinner: Grilled Chicken and Blue Cheese Sandwich on homemade wheat bun, extra chicken and broccoli stalks on the side. I feel like the broccoli stalks are so big they make the plate look small, but thats a regular sized dinner plate.  or maybe I’m crazy?


Dessert: probably half of a 1/4 lb chunk of fudge including samples. That’s roughly 2 oz of fudge and a HUGE amount of self control…that stuff is good!

My kids ate what I ate for the most part…

Cassidy, who is now 15 months, ate 2 pancakes and 1/2 apple for breakfast, Beans and greens plus a homemade wheat roll for lunch, and for dinner it was the same exact sandwich and veggies as mine but deconstructed. She shared a pear with Alyssa for dessert. She also nurses 3 times a day still.


Alyssa, who is 4, ate 4 blueberry pancakes for breakfast with maybe 1 tsp syrup and a glass of whole milk, beans and greens with a wheat roll for lunch, some almonds and dates with me for a snack while Cassidy napped, and the same chicken sandwich and veggies for dinner. She had half a pear and a bite of fudge for dessert.


I don’t remember the magical age when I started to allow Alyssa to have things like pure maple syrup on her pancakes or fudge for dessert. She still only gets a very small amount, her pancakes arent doused in high fructose corn syrup or anything. When her tsp of syrup is gone, she doesn’t get more and shes ok with that. Shes also ok with only a small bit of fudge because she knows she doesn’t ususally get stuff like that so shes appreciative (usually, she is 4 afterall!). I wanted to say it was closer to age 2. But either way, I think my days of her eating pears while I eat fudge are numbered!


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  1. pigtails????…how sweet!!!..her nose looks SOOO much better…btw I was not near as good as you are about food…some of it was coz I didnt know better…I tried to feed you what was considered healthy at the time and you and Ryan ate very differently then my friends kids…for example you didnt get soda until some time in grammar school (and that was hard…you all werent happy when I brought your beverage with me or had you drink water)…the first time I bought it to have in the house was when the mids started coming by…we didnt do the Happy Meal thing like most did but rather once i a while…Dr Weimer suggested no more then once a month…many of the things they know now are not good for you they didnt know when you were small…BUT I feel I did something right watching how you are…you have the same drive to do the very best for your kids as I had (and still have)…I love the way my grandkids are being raised…makes me smile….

    gonna work on a recipe for healthy fudge that tastes good?…please pass it on when you do!!!

    I Love you!!

  2. We’re now getting the the age (almost 3) where L is getting a few more treats, but like you, it’s limited and as ‘wholesome’ as possible. Mmm, that fudge sounds amazing! I saw your post title and thought you had made some.

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