Easy Meals all Week


This weeks meal plan theme is “easy”. I have a “to do” list and “to fix” list that is a mile long and it must all get done this week. I also have a to “bake list” which includes english muffins, hamburger buns, tortillas, almond flake cereal, and graham crackers. The baking extravaganza wont be until later in the week once everything else is finished.  I also have vet appointments, all 3 of our dental appointments, 5 holiday parties, 1 playdate, and 1 preschool party. And I think I am forgetting something too. I am tired already. I may be getting quite a few half caff coffees this week instead of full decaf!

So this weeks menu will include lots of grilled meats, roasted veggies, and sweet potatoes. All quick, easy, but still healthy.

My breakfasts for the week will include:

Pumpkin oatmeal x 2

banana oatmeal x 3

almond bran flake cereal

A free breakfast with “Gunny Claus” for military families.

Dinners will include:

Grilled chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted potaotes

grilled chicken, roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potatoes

Veggie omelets with english muffins on the side

crockpot ribs, brown rice, mixed vegetables

leftover ribs, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed green beans

meatloaf, quinoa, broccoli

Either leftovers or out to dinner one night if I don’t want to dirty my kitchen over the weekend…

Each dinner will take about 30 minutes from start to finish and will all still be simple whole foods. Nothing fancy but those are honestly some of my favorite types of meals. I roast all of my vegetables with a tiny but of olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic salt. Sometimes a little fresh cracked pepper too. I grill my chicken and brush it with a little italian dressing. Not sure how I am going to do the ribs yet, they were on sale so I just got them. We’ll see whatever I throw in the crockpot.

Now I am off to create another scene for “Otis”, our elf on the shelf. I need to start doing it as soon as the girls go to bed instead of waiting until right before I go to bed. All of my creative energy is gone and I end up just sitting him inside Alyssa’s stocking like last night. Although she seemed to enjoy that. Last week he was watching a movie with popcorn all over his lap when we woke up, was eating a banana in the kitchen one day, added a little chocolate to Alyssa’s milk I always pre pour the night before as a special treat. Tonight I think he might take Barbie on a date in the Barbie car if I can find it at the bottom of the toy box…


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  1. Whew, I’m tired just reading all of that! Love your plan… we are all about quick meals, too. Especially this time of year. Enjoy all the partying!

    • I plan too much, I love it. You should see all my to do lists and how they are even organized and planned by day (which is why me and the marine corps dont go well together!)!i am going to cook them for a couple hours to make them moist and fall off the bone but then drop them on the grill on high for like 5-10 minutes to give them that char.

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