Santa, Who?


9 months. 38 weeks. 267 days. However you want to count the time, thats how long I have been without my husband. Dave is a Marine Corps Pilot and deployed last March. Starting tomorrow (!!!!) I will be learning to cook for 4 people. Cassidy didnt eat solids before he left, so I have never cooked for 4.

My life is about to finally return to normal, thank God. I have tried not to wish away the time since I can’t get back this time in my kids’ lives. But deployment sucks…thats all there is to it. I tried to be postive and see the little bits of good that comes with it

The Good:

-I sleep at night without loud snoring right next to me

-the house (and toilets!) stays very clean

-I have way less laundry. Everyday Dave wears a flight suit, undershirt, boot socks, usually a gym outfit, and then civilian clothes when he gets home, and something to bed…that’s 4 outfits per day

That’s about all I’ve got…like I said, deployment sucks!

The Bad:

-I was constantly nervous of someone finding out my husband is gone and trying to break in, abduct my kids, etc. Military wives are targeted and it happens unfortunately.

-I don’t get to see my husband for 9 months. For those of you who say pregnancy is the longest 9 months ever, its not trust me! He is my best friend. I miss him.

-My kids don’t get to see their Daddy for 9 months. This kills me. I hate hearing Alyssa tell me she’s so sad and I hate it that Cassidy doesn’t even know her Daddy. Including training for deployment, Dave has only seen Cassidy for 4 months out of her 16 so far. He has missed 2 years of Alyssa’s 4. The kids don’t understand why he is gone. We have a Daddy candy jar with a Hersey “hugs from daddy”  and “kisses from daddy”. Every night before bed Alyssa got one and could watch the candies in the jar lower as time went on which meant it was closer to him coming home.


-I am solely responsible for everything. Cleaning, cooking, finances, fixing cars, house repairs, renewing registrations, mowing, etc, Over the course of this deployment the AC broke, the refrigerator broke (and is still broken), Dave’s car won’t start. Oh and Cassidy had the stomach flu 3 times and Alyssa twice. That’s a lot of puke!

-I love my children dearly but I don’t have any sort of break. I don’t use babysitters and my family doesn’t live close. I pee with a 16 month old clapping “yayyy” and a 4 year old talking my ear off. And a shower without 2 kids at my feet or climbing in fully dressed would be nice as well.

-extensions: Dave was on his way home when the Israel ordeal started back in November. He had to turn back around and ended up staying a month longer than planned. Talk about a tease!

-The obvious danger… 2 weeks into deployment, there was a crash, I read about it online at 6 pm. There are only 20ish osprey pilots in his unit. My husband had emailed me earlier that day telling me he’d try seeing if the phones work to call me after he went flying that day. I knew my husband was in the air at that time. Ok now I am freaking out. The articles say 2 died, 2 are seriously injured. I call other wives, gather all the information we can, and I was able to narrow it down to my husbands plane or one other. I put the kids to bed and sat by the front door waiting for someone to come knocking to tell me the horrible news. I was convinced it was coming. Cassidy was running a very high fever, over 105 (and was hospitalized later that week). To make a very loooong night and story short, I get a call from my husband at 745 am the next morning, 13 hours after reading the news article. He was safe, thank God. The next 2 weeks consisted of in and out of the hospital with my then 7 month old. My mom kept saying how well I was handling Cassidy being hospitalized. My husband was safe and I was confident Cassidy would be ok eventually, its all about perspective!

My only issue left is Alyssa and I playfully arguing over who gets to give Dave the first hug Smile. I tried compromising on a “group family hug” but that didn’t fly with her. I won’t be able to keep my little girl from her Daddy 2 seconds more once she sets sights on him, so she wins, she’s going to get the first hug…TOMORROW!

And my meal plan this week…to feed 4, is catered around the fact that my husband has eaten nasty food (he said for lunch today they served chicken nuggets that leaked gray goo when he bit into it) for 9 months and i want to make his favorite healthy comfort foods:


Pumpkin pancakes (he saw them on the blog while he was gone and commented they looked so good)

Plain greek yogurt with crushed pineapple and almond granola

Greek yogurt pancakes


I will also be making breakfast burritos and freezing them for Dave to eat before work. Yes, he has been deployed for 9 months and has to work all week, and the weekend, before time off for christmas.


Meatloaf, potaotes, roasted cauliflower

lasagna with homemade noodles, chicken sausage, zucchini and a salad

chicken tacos with homemade tortillas, peppers, cheese, guacamole, and plain greek yogurt

Chili and corn studded cornbread

Surf and Turf: Grilled lamb chops, broiled tilapia, brown rice, salad

Out dinner: Sushi

Leftovers to clear everything out before making christmas dinner!

I also have graham crackers and english muffins made and ready for snacking.

We are getting the best Christmas present ever this year!! 🙂 I think they should change the saying “like a little kid on christmas” to “like a family who hasnt seen their deployed husband/Daddy for 9 months” because this excitement far surpasses christmas day, just ask Alyssa! Santa is nothing this year, just give her Daddy!

(homecoming pictures to come!)


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  1. Oh Lindsay, wow!! I had no idea he had been gone so long, and that you have no family nearby… I have no idea how all of you military wives do it. I am a mess after one solo weekend! I am so, so thrilled for you. So glad he’s been safe and that you get to reunite again! Definitely the best Christmas gift.

  2. Yay! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! I have so much respect for you- not once on your blog did you ever even come close to venting about the fact that you are doing everything while your husband is overseas. Wow, you are amazing. I am so grateful to your husband for his service to our country and the sacrifice that you and your daughters have given as well. Have a wonderful time with your husband- what a wonderful Christmas present!

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