The End of a Baby Stage


This weekend marked a milestone in Cassidy’s life.


She started potty training which means she isn’t a little baby anymore! Yes, she just turned 17 months a couple days ago, but she is ready. If she can follow simple commands like “go get Mommy the baby” she can follow simple commands like “go peepee on the potty”. You ask her where she is supposed to go potty and she points to it and she cheers every time Alyssa or I go. Alyssa was potty trained at the same age. The only problem we had was finding underwear for their tiny butts! She gets so excited when she goes on the toilet and has been pretty good about going to get on it by herself when she has to go. Given we are only 1 1/2 days in but she started off with a bang and went 5 times on Saturday. She was dry Sunday until church at noon but she even went on the public toilet at a birthday party in the afternoon. We are no where close to being fully potty trained but shes on her way! Its going to be a long couple weeks until she has it down and is ready for underwear full time but its worth it. It is sad for me that she’s not a little baby anymore, but not sad enough to want to keep washing cloth diapers!


There has been lots of naked time around here this weekend. We still need to teach her how to pull down her own pants. So for now, naked is easier.


So my weekend mostly consisted of potty training, as will the next few I’m sure. But I still had some time to make a meal plan for the week. My vegetable delivery box will come in extra handy this week as it allows me more time at home and less outings. Potty training really does require lots of at home naked time.

On Tuesday, this should arrive at my doorstep…

2 – Organic Bosc Pears 3 Count
1 – Organic Avocado 2 Count/s
1 – Organic Gala Apples 2 Count/s
1 – Organic White Mushrooms 8 Ounces
1 – Organic Green Pepper 2 Count/s
1 – Organic Whole Carrots 1 Pound/s
2 – NC Sweet Potatoes 2 Pound/s
1 – Organic Red Leaf Lettuce 1 Head
1 – NC Organic Green Cabbage 1 Count/s
1 – NC Organic Purple Top Turnips 1 Pound
1 – Organic Butternut Squash 2 Pound/s
1 – Organic Lemon 2 Count/s

Based around these fruits and veggies, my greens from the garden, and a few frozen, my week should look something like this…


Grass fed beef burgers on homemade rolls, baked potato wedges, peas

whole roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and cabbage slow cooker meal

Mexican chicken bowls with brown rice, avocado, cheese, lettuce, and corn

Lemon Pepper flounder, turnips (not sure how to cook these), salad

Grilled chicken, roasted butternut squash mac n cheese, salad

Ham, beans, and greens soup (that I never made last week since we had more leftovers to eat than anticipated)

A get together with a bunch of friends at our house on Sunday…no clue what we are cooking still!


Steel cut oats with banana, chai seeds, and peanut butter x 2

Banana bread with a hard boiled egg or two on the side

Apple Omelets

Chicken sausage, egg, and cheddar on English Muffins

Greek Yogurt pancakes/waffles

Plain greek yogurt with almond granola

Lunches are always a mishmosh of leftovers, salads, yogurt, hummus and veggies, fruit, almonds and raisins, etc. I think I am going to make some chickpea burgers though one day because I’ve been craving them for some reason.

Does anyone have other breakfast ideas?? Since giving up processed cereals, I have gotten much more creative but I am still looking to expand my healthy breakfast options.

And does anyone know how to cook turnips? I assume I can just toss in olive oil and garlic salt and roast them like other root vegetables?

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    • I love the delivery but it is much more expensive for sure. My CSA box over the summer was a steal at only half the cost of my current box! It wasnt delivered to my doorstep either though so thats pretty awesome and convenient for sure!

  1. Aww, congrats to her on potty training- she is too cute! Looks like you have some great breakfast ideas! Those are the main ones we cycle- oats, eggs, yogurt/granola, muffins, smoothies…

  2. you were fully potty trained, through the night even, at 19 months…I had the same problem with finding panties for you..the smallest I managed to find was a 2 and they were still huge…maybe you could make some for her…after all you made her diapers!!…she looks so grown up…I have a picture of Lys in that dress on my board at work…where DOES the time go….I miss you guys!!!…LY!!

  3. How exciting! Potty training already! Amazing. I am going to try to take a page from your book and at least introduce Lula to it around 17-18 months. I can already tell that she really doesn’t like it when she isn’t clean so I think that may bode well for us. It would also bode well for us if we weren’t changing diapers for two kiddos come July! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and if you ever have the time, I would love to read a post about your method.

    • i will post about it here soon. On day 4 today shes peed 3 times and pooped twice on the toilet so we are doing well! I think the earlier the better because the older they get, the more stubborn they get!

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