Must Meal Plan


We had another great family filled weekend. Another little kid’s birthday party, Dave and I each got in good runs, and Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner. I think it was 8 adults, 3 preschool age kids, and 4 17-month olds. Of course I forgot to take pictures of any food I made, and I should have because I made a dip recipe I want to post. It was a spinach dip in a bread bowl, very healthified but you would never know it! Why people would ever make the mayo filled version is beyond me. I have a little of it left so I may see if i can make it look pretty enough tomorrow to take pictures and post it. We had spinach dip in a bread bowl with carrots and celery for dipping, grilled chicken, old bay steamed shrimp, salad with feta, cucumber, and tomato, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade buttermilk bread, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate whoopie pies.

And this week we plan on having…


Leftover grilled chicken, brown rice, cauliflower

Turkey and vegetable lasagna with homemade spinach noodles

Turkey curry over brown rice

Chicken Marsala with homemade bread and salad

Blackened fish, sauteed cabbage, millet “risotto”

Leftovers of some one of the previous dinners

Superbowl party

Lunches will be one or a few of:

salad with leftover old bay shrimp

butternut squash soup

Greek yogurt with diced pears and honey

sweet potato topped with sauteed cabbage and cottage cheese (Amazing!)



Peanut butter and banana sandwiches on homemade buttermilk bread

Banana, chia, peanut butter oats (x3)

Eggs and toast (x2)

Greek yogurt waffles (same recipe but just in a waffle maker)

And now I am exhausted and forsee Cassidy waking in the middle of the night tonight. Right before she went to bed I discovered trush like white bumps on her tongue. I still wanted to get my meal plan made for the week though real quick so I didn’t try and start off my week unorganized and unprepared. Have I mentioned I am slightly OCD? Off to eat yet another whoopie pie and get in bed! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. I hope you didn’t have a rough night! Homemade spinach noodles sound so yummy… and I’d love to see your spinach dip recipe!

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