My Munchkin’s Meals


Cassidy is now 17 months, and for the most part not a picky eater at all. Meaning, she likes pretty much all foods and will try anything.


However she doesn’t actually like the act of eating. She did not inherit this from me! My husband will come home after working a 12 hour day saying he’s so hungry because he forgot to eat today. Um, what? How do you forget to eat? Its beyond me. Cassidy will eat about half of each meal before declaring she is “all done”. However since she is a skinny little runt, I pretty much always make her finish her food. This is where the art of distraction comes in. Right now, allowing her to buckle and unbuckle her high chair straps as we put bites in her mouth is the magic key.

I know many parents, and pediatricians alike, will say that a kid will eat when they are hungry so don’t force it. I’ve tried this with Cassidy, but she really just doesn’t care to eat much. And being how tiny she is, I feel she needs the extra shove. I only put the amount of food I feel my children need on their plates (taken into account what food groups they’ve had earlier in the day, and if they had a snack recently so I tailor to what I expect their hunger level would be). If I see they are truly stuffed and not hungry, I wont make them finish and if they are starving asking for more, then I will give them it. But for the most part, they eat everything on their plates at each meal.

A day in Cassidy’s eating life…


Breakfast: 1 greek yogurt pancake with blueberry puree for dipping, 1 scrambled egg with sharp cheddar.

Lunch: 3/4 cup plain whole milk yogurt with 1/4 banana mashed in for sweetness. Green pepper slices in hummus and a piece of homemade buttermilk bread.


Dinner: Grilled chicken, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, and brown rice with hemp seeds.

Snack around 7: 1/2 an apple and a piece of cheese

*She also nurses first thing in the morning (but not much) and a decent amount before both nap and bedtime. So 3 times total.

We have not transitioned her to whole milk yet, honestly just because its easier. Alyssa, who is 4, drinks a 10-12 oz glass of milk with breakfast, well chugs it rather, girl loves her milk. Cassidy will just sip it throughout the day and half of it ends up getting thrown out, which pains me! She does take sips and drinks maybe 4 oz of Alyssa’s Organic whole milk some days. I make sure she gets plenty of cheese, yogurt, and calcium rich greens to get her that calcium. I think I am going to drop her morning breastfeeding soon and replace that will a glass of whole milk at breakfast. But I’m not worrying about it too much as long as she is still nursing.

I am in denial about weaning her since that means she is one step farther from being a baby. She is just about potty trained now too and its all going too fast!


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  1. Linds..that top picture is a mini you picture!!!…just makes me smile…and yes it goes way too fast…how did 26+years go by already?…I so agree with her continuing to breastfeed if she will…she has been sick quite a bit and she needs all of that good nutrician…as they say cow’s milk is made for baby cows; your milk is made especially for her…I SO wish you lived down the street…I just want to hold and kiss those girls!!…LY all!!!

  2. Good to catch up with what you are doing, Lindsay! I can see your reasoning behind making sure C finishes her meals most days- makes sense to me! She is such a cutie and has so much hair! So awesome that she is almost potty trained! Happy Friday!

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