Valentines Week Meal Plan


Dave and I really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. We feel like its a Hallmark commercial holiday and a ploy to make money. You shouldnt need a specific day to show someone you love them. That being said, I am not totally against the holiday and boycott it or anything. We just don’t make a huge hoopla out of it. I still do something small, like a special red or pink dessert. I also serve up the girls pink heart shaped pancakes on special valentines plates.

I usually plan 6 meals for the week. We eat at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. We go out for a meal maybe once a month at most. I either pack Dave a lunch or he comes home on his lunch hour. Having 6 meals planned allows for 1 night of leftovers. However lately I feel like planning 6 is too many. Last week for example, there was a super bowl party so we didn’t use our leftover night, which spilled into a new week. This week I am only planning 5 meals since we are going to a friends house one night.


Homemade Chicken noodle soup

Sausage, mushroom, and spinach casserole

Homemade Chicken tenders, cabbage, sweet potato fries

Mock Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Broiled flounder, sautéed cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes


Crockpot steel cut oats

scrambled eggs, toast or greek yogurt pancakes, grapes

Pink heart shaped pancakes and eggs

Lunches will be a mix of leftovers, butternut squash soup (Dave is obsessed lately and its in season too), yogurt and granola, salads, homemade graham crackers.

I dont usally plan out desserts, although we do eat either a dessert or later snack most nights. Its usually banana cookies, fruit, homemade ice cream,  graham crackers etc. But for valentine’s day I am going to try and make a red velvet cake layered with cheesecake and topped with cream cheese icing. All semi healthy modifying recipes I already use often.

Is it bad I am excited to eat all week long?


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